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Tuesday, 11 April 2023 to Friday, 14 April 2023


Dr Onyinyechukwu Agina
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
1Phylogenetic analysis of Trypanosoma evansi in cattle with high RoTat1.2VSG gene copy numbers: Haematology and serum biochemistry findings.
Dr Suad AL Kufi
2 Detection And Molecular Analysis of kinesins in Local Leishmania in Iraq L.Tropica and L. Donavani
Dr Alaa Saed Anwer Amer
Faculty of medicine Tanta university
3The interaction of Schistosoma mansoni infection with diabetes mellitus and obesity in mice
Dr Samuel Boadi
Dr Samuel Boadi
4An innovative approach to teaching parasite microscopy on-line
Dr Essia Sebai
National School of Veterinary Medicine of Sidi Thabet
5Phytochemical profile and anthelmintic effects of Laurus nobilis essential oil against the ovine nematode Haemonchus contortus and the murine helminth model Heligmosomoides polygyrus
Mr Dawit Gebreegziabiher Hagos
Mekelle University, Ethiopia
6Utility of the Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay for the Diagnosis of Visceral Leishmaniasis from Blood Samples in Ethiopia
Miss Yaimie López
Universidad del Valle de Guatemala
7Cutaneous leishmaniasis in Guatemala
Ms Veronica Harris
University of St Andrews
8Biochemical characterisation and essentiality of proteins involved in myo-inositol metabolism from the parasite Trypanosoma cruzi
Miss Noelle Thundathil
University of Calgary
9A molecular genetic investigation into the origins of anthelmintic drug resistance in Ancylostoma caninum in pet dogs across the USA
Dr Kamalu Nkiru Anastasia
Kingsley Ozumbadiwe University Ogboko Imo State
10Social Economic Impact of Onchocerciasis in Ugwuta Local Government Area, Imo State Nigeria
Mrs Sara Healy
University of Surrey
11Toxocara in your T-bone? Investigating larval contamination of meat and associated public health risks
Ms Amelia Ford
University of Cambridge
12PDI-Trans: a promising target for transmission blocking in malaria
Dr Heriberto Caballero-Ortega
Instituto Nacional de Pediatria
13Genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii in domestic animals from Campeche, Mexico reveals virulent genotypes shared with South America
Mrs Jenavine Onyinye Mbah
University of Calabar
14Studies on the biological contaminants (parasites, fungi, and bacteria) of food among food handlers in four higher institutions in Calabar municipal, and the Public health implicationions
Dr ANDREW McCarthy
Canterbury College (East Kent College Group)
15Echinochasmus (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) in Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides) from the Congo, in the collections of the Harvard University Museum of Comparative Zoology: a first substantiated report of the genus from sub-Saharan Africa.
Ms Nimita Deora
ICMR-National Institute of Malaria Research, New Delhi
16A mixed method approach to explore the clinical biology of Plasmodium mixed infections
Mr Isaac Owusu-Frimpong
CSIR - Water Research Institute
17Detection and Discrimination of O. volvulus and O. ochengi from Blackfly Pool DNA using a Novel Polymerase Chain Reaction – Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) Technique.
Mr Isaac Owusu-Frimpong
CSIR - Water Research Institute
18Development and application of a new loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for the diagnosis of schistosomiasis.
Dr Oluwaremilekun Ajakaye
Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo state.
19NMAS-Seq to Investigate Hybridization in Schistosoma haematobium
Mr Peter Andrus
Nottingham University; Life Sciences
20Comparing Shell Size and Shape with Canonical Variate Analysis of Sympatric Biomphalaria Species within Lake Albert and Lake Victoria, Uganda
Mr Lilian Patrick Dorner
University Clinic Heidelberg, Centre for Infectiology, Parasitology
21Towards a Plasmodium 3D cell atlas
Mr Freddie Freeth
School of Veterinary Medicine University of Surrey
22Reassessing the use of Microscopy-based Techniques in Integrated Zoonotic Parasitic Disease Surveillance
University of Edinburgh
23Identifying host receptors for Plasmodium falciparum infected erythrocytes binding to human brain microvascular endothelial cells
Dr Prak Farrilend
Angkor Hospital for Children
24The Parasitic infections of the gut in Cambodian Children
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Dr Robert Finn
St George's International School of Medicine
25Comparative biochemical characterisation and inhibitory profiling of cattle tick, human, bovine and mosquito Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide sub-domains.
Dr Alexandra Juhasz
Dr. Alexandra Juhasz
26Strongyloidiasis in semi-captive baboons at Knowsley Safari, Prescot, UK
Pani Joanna Nowicka
Medical University of Gdansk
27Detection of Toxoplasma gondii in sylvatic rodents in Poland using molecular and serological methods
Mr Isaac Owusu-Frimpong
CSIR - Water Research Institute
28The Design and Evaluation of a New SYBR-Green Quantitative PCR Assay for the Diagnosis Of Schistosomiasis.
Miss Hannah Peaty
Moredun Research Insitute
29Modelling host: parasitic nematode interactions with ovine ‘mini-gut’ organoids.
Dr Eden Ramalho Ferreira
University of York
30Defining the molecular determinants required for Leishmania life cycle progression and virulence
Dr Henk Schallig
AMC Medical Research
31Visceral leishmaniasis: improved molecular diagnosis using the mini direct on blood PCR Nucleic Acid Lateral Flow Immunoassay (dbPCR-NALFIA).
Dr Henk Schallig
AMC Medical Research
32Clinical implication of regional Leishmania species distribution in Ecuador: a cross-sectional study.
Miss Lauren Woolfe
University of Surrey
33Investigating the evolution, zoonotic transmission and population structure of the intestinal worm Ascaris using genomics approaches.
Mr Muhammad Abbas
University of Surrey, UK
34New tools for sustainable control of liver fluke in ruminants
Miss Emily Ablett
The University of Manchester
35A synthetic vaccine against the parasitic worm Schistosoma mansoni.
University of Antwerp
36Antileishmanial aminopyrazoles: deconvolution of the mode of action by chemical mutagenesis
Dr Yasser Alraey
King Khalid University
Saudi Arabia
37Spatial distribution and epidemiological features of anthroponotic cutaneous leishmaniasis in southwest, Saudi Arabia.
Mr Will Anderson
University of Glasgow
38Optimization of gastrointestinal organoids for improved host-parasite interaction studies: the enrichment of rare and specialized host cell types
Miss Hannah Asiki
University of Oxford
39Exploring the cellular targets of anti-leishmanial natural product analogues
Ms Antonella Bacigalupo
University of Glasgow, SBOHVM
40Draft long-read assembly and annotation of the Chagas disease vector Rhodnius prolixus.
Prof Zumani Banda
ShareWORLD Open University
41A review of factors influencing over- dispersion of ectoparasites on non- human host species: A lesson for COVID- 19 infections.
Ms Laurine Brouck
University of Edinburgh
42Two peas in a pod? The roles of REL1 and REL2 in uridine insertion/deletion RNA editing
Miss Lubomira Chmelova
University of Ostrava
Czech Republic
43Initial steps in the study of catalase function and localisation in Leptomonas seymouri
Dr Caroline Dewar
Lancaster University
44The molecular basis of heat shock signalling in African trypanosomes
Mr Neil Duncan
University of Edinburgh
Miss Olivia Ingle
Queens University Belfast
47Effect of repeated anthelmintic exposure on livestock commensal faecal bacteria.
Dr Julie Kovarova
Biology Centre CAS
Czech Republic
48Queuosine-tRNA modification as a means for gene expression regulation in Leishmania mexicana
Miss Mae Carpenter
Aberystwyth University
49The neglected role of microbes in Fasciola hepatica-host interactions: a multi-omic approach. 
Dr Godwin Ebiloma
Teesside University
50Sustainable Drugs against NTDs: Lessons learned from investigating the potential use of propolis-based natural products for treating various forms of human and animal trypanosomiasis
Dr Tomas Machacek
Charles University, Prague
Czech Republic
52Can larval tapeworms stimulate the immune response of mice to facilitate the reduced progression of melanoma cancer cells?
Miss Shannon Massey
Roslin Institute
53Analysing the Impact of Sexual Recombination on the Segregation of Virulence Genes in African trypanosomes
Miss Emer McCann
Queen's University Belfast
54Using eDNA for the detection of sheep helminths in a range of environmental sample types.
University of Cambridge
55Trypanosoma carassii, a model for whole host interaction studies.
Dr Jason Mooney
The University of Edinburgh
56Malaria parasites in the intestine – inflammation & intestinal permeability in Plasmodium chabaudi AS infected mice.
Miss Rachael Murray
University of Edinburgh
57Phylogeny unites apicomplexan and fungal transmembrane proteins in an ancient eukaryotic superfamily
Ms Yasmine Nicolaes
University of Antwerp
58Towards improved antileishmanial drug screening models to capture the risk of post-treatment relapse
Dr Mauro Pazmino
University of Glasgow
59Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for mosquito surveillance
Lancaster university
60Cell cycle synchronization in African trypanosomes
Dr Lorraine Pfavayi
University of Edinburgh
61Diversity and composition of gut protist in young rural Zimbabwean children
Dr Melanie Ridgway
University of Dundee
62Oligo targeting for profiling acoziborole resistance mutations in Trypanosoma brucei
Dr Brice Rotureau
Trypanosome Cell Biology Unit - Institut Pasteur
63Application of SHERLOCK detection for epidemiological surveys of Animal African Trypanosomiases
Dr Andreu Saura
University of Ostrava
Czech Republic
64Ablation of Leishmania mexicana Ku80 activates ALT pathway necessary for telomere maintenance
Dr Petra Schneider
Petra Schneider
65The Reece Lab On Tour
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Dr Valeria Silvestri
MUHAS University of Dar es Salaam
66Hell, in Paradise. A portrait of Dengue from Abdulrazak Gurnah’s masterpiece
Mr Jacob Thompson
University of Manchester
67Modification of a novel Whipworm vaccine candidate with a highly immunogenic Tetanus epitope
Mr Macaulay Turner
University of Manchester
68How can Nanoscale Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (NanoSIMS) be used to explore whipworm feeding, and anthelminthic mechanism of action?
Dr Chukwunonso Obi
University of Nigeria, Nsukka
69Albendazole efficacy against gastrointestinal nematodes of pigs in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, Nigeria
University of East Anglia
70Effect of parasitic Cryptosporidium on the gut-microbiome of bovine livestock: A computational metagenomic approach
Dr Monica Zavala Martinez
Institut Pasteur
71The Trypanosoma brucei DNA damage repairome
Dr Valeria Silvestri
MUHAS University of Dar es Salaam
72Tropical Stewart-Treves syndrome: a review of Lymphangiosarcoma occurring in patients affected by chronic lymphatic filariasis
Miss Gabrielle Ngwana-Joseph
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
73Global genetic diversity of the Plasmodium falciparum malaria in pregnancy vaccine candidate VAR2CSA DBL2X
Miss Naomi Morrison
Moredun Research Institute
74Validation of Dermanyssus gallinae target genes for use in developing RNA interference (RNAi) mediated gene silencing as a novel tool for parasite control.
University of Glasgow
75A mutation in sterol C22 desaturase leading to Amphotericin B resistance in Leishmania infantum  
Miss Olubukola Owolodun
University of Glasgow
77Characterising Male Germ Cell-Associated Kinase Orthologues in the Kinetoplastid Cell Cycle.
Dr Joaquin Prada
University of Surrey
78Uncovering Echinococcosis Farm Infection risk in Italy