BSP Spring Meeting 2019

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Room: Renold C16

Monday, 15 April 2019

Primate Parasites in Madagascar: contrasting lemurs and humans
Mon15  Apr02:00pm(50 mins)
Prof Patricia Wright Prof Patricia Wright  
Session : Plenary
Room: Renold C16
When to make an entrance.
Mon15  Apr05:30pm(15 mins)
Dr Petra Schneider  
Session : Host-Pathogen interactions - I
Room: Renold C16
A review on parasites of Australian cormorants
Mon15  Apr05:48pm(3 mins)
Dr Shokoofeh Shamsi Dr Shokoofeh Shamsi  
Session : Poster Pitches HP I
Room: Renold C16
Mon15  Apr08:00pm(180 mins)
YPP & Britsh Ecological Society -SIG networking event Room:
Renold C16

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Keynote: Leishmania-myeloid cell interactions at the tissue level
Tue16  Apr09:00am(30 mins)
Prof Paul Kaye Prof Paul Kaye  
Session : Host-Pathogen interactions - II
Room: Renold C16
Tue16  Apr05:00pm(30 mins)
Renold C16
Cryptosporidium, a genetically tractable parasite
Tue16  Apr05:30pm(15 mins)
Dr Mattie Pawlowic  
Session : Presidents Lecture
Room: Renold C16
Tue16  Apr07:00pm(180 mins)
Conference Dinner and ceilidh Room:
Renold C16

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Keynote: Immune-driven control of Toxoplasma gondii in human cells
Wed17  Apr11:00am(30 mins)
Dr Eva Frickel Dr Eva Frickel  
Session : Host-Pathogen interactions - V
Room: Renold C16
Keynote: The Science Communication Imperative
Wed17  Apr02:00pm(50 mins)
Prof Andy Miah  
Session : Science Communications
Room: Renold C16
Wed17  Apr03:20pm(40 mins)
Selected Flash talk videos Room:
Renold C16

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