Friday, 31 March 2023 to Sunday, 2 April 2023

Presentations by Stream

Programme : Presentations by Stream

(In)visible hierarchies of Soviet and Russia's post-Soviet colonial modernities: Gendered and centre-periphery dynamics

This panel is part of a larger interdisciplinary collective project that uncovers and deconstructs invisible structures and repetitive patterns of Soviet and Russia's post-Soviet colonial modernities. Based on a series of case studies, it seeks to bring to the fore the lack of reflection on complex hierarchical sociocultural and political relations that empower Russia’s quest for restoring its “greatpowerness” today.

Papers united by this panel examine change and continuity in visible and invisible hierarchies along the gender and centre-periphery gradient in Soviet and post-Soviet contexts. They capture how diverse communities, ranging from public policy bureaucrats to academics and artists, sustain, reproduce, and transform these hierarchies throughout space and time. Each paper focuses on women’s lived experiences to unveil the intricate ways through which gender intersects with other Soviet and post-Soviet hierarchies and often empowers Russia's coloniality. This feminist lense allows to dientangle hegemonic narratives of Soviet and post-Soviet modernities and reflect on the power structures that reproduce opressive hirarchies on different levels of these modernities.

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