Friday, 31 March 2023 to Sunday, 2 April 2023

Presentations by Stream

Programme : Presentations by Stream

“Sensory Afterlives of the War Violence in (Former) Yugoslavia. Artistic Responses”

The panel discusses different works of visual arts that reflect the mass violence in the former Yugoslavia from a more sensory perspective, pointing to the strange intertwinement between intimacy and distance of violent acts to which the bodies were exposed. We get to know multi-modal means of engagement with the atrocities during the II World War or Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s: film, photography, drawings, voice recordings, and autobiographical notes. They include video artwork Snajperist (The Sniper, 2007) made by Bosnian artist Adela Jušic, the film Imprinted (2020, Croatia, Germany, Serbia) from Linda Paganelli and Snežana Stankovic, and the exhibition in the museum Lipa Remembers located in the municipality of Rijeka in Croatia. They all illuminate how the violence endures beyond the generation that experienced it directly and how this intergenerational transmission is in the first line sensory. These artworks and the exhibition use a visual language that goes beyond the national categories and makes us belong to the very private community of more than a viewer.

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