Friday, 31 March 2023 to Sunday, 2 April 2023

Impact of service quality on economic development and trade

Fri31  Mar02:45pm(15 mins)
Gilbert Scott Room 251


Valery Kuzmenok1
1 Ph.D. in Economics, International Scientific Public Union «IAIT», Belarus


Poor quality of services provided by business entities remains one of the major problems in the development of the services sector.
A large part of the growth in the volume of services provided comes from the use of advanced technologies in service enterprises. Infrastructure also provides the necessary prerequisites for the efficient functioning of service enterprises. Another recipe for efficiency in Western services businesses is the predominant use of highly qualified personnel.
In Belarus, a large part of the service sector workforce is either unskilled or has migrated from other sectors of the national economy and lacks specific knowledge, work experience, etc.
A causal analysis reveals the impact of the quality of public services on climate change, on the satisfaction of the population with housing and communal services, and even on homeownership, hence on forced migration.
In these circumstances, improving the quality of public services, manifested in increased customer satisfaction, is seen as a direct increase in the welfare of the population, a reason for reducing social tensions. In the Republic of Belarus measures are taken to create conditions for the formation of a competitive environment.
Much of the above-mentioned conditions for quality improvement can be adapted in Russia as well as in Kazakhstan, Belarus and other Eastern European countries.