Friday, 31 March 2023 to Sunday, 2 April 2023

Authors Meet Critics: "Creolizing the Modern. Transylvania Across Empires" by Anca Parvulescu and Manuela Boatca, Cornell University Press, 2022

Fri31  Mar02:30pm(90 mins)
Hunter Hall


Alex Drace-Francis3; Manuela Boatca4; Anca Parvulescu5; Mariya Ivancheva1; Redi Koobak1; Giovanni Picker2
1 University of Strathclyde, UK;  2 University of Glasgow, UK;  3 University of Amsterdam, Netherlands;  4 University of Freiburg, Germany;  5 Washington University St. Louis, United States


How are modernity, coloniality, and interimperiality entangled? Bridging the humanities and social sciences, Anca Parvulescu and Manuela Boatc─â's book "Creolizing the Modern. Transylvania Across Empires" provides innovative decolonial perspectives that aim to creolize modernity and the modern world-system. Historical Transylvania, at the intersection of the Habsburg Empire, the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, and Russia, offers the platform for their multi-level reading of the main themes in Liviu Rebreanu's 1920 novel Ion. The themes of the book, from the question of the region's capitalist integration to antisemitism and the enslavement of Roma to multilingualism, gender relations, religion, and the comparative method the book develops for engaging with areas of the world that have inherited multiple, conflicting imperial and anti-imperial histories are the subject of this authors meet critics roundtable.