Friday, 31 March 2023 to Sunday, 2 April 2023

Global Russian Literature in the Time of War: Reformatting the Paradigm

Fri31  Mar04:15pm(15 mins)
Gilbert Scott Room 356


Roman Katsman1
1 Bar-Ilan University, Israel


In recent years, Russian foreign, emigre, transnational, hyphenated, hybrid, diasporic literature has attracted more and more attention from critics and theorists. The theory that studies global Russian literature needs reevaluation today. First, the collective-identity, sociological approach can be questioned and replaced by a personalistic and anthropological one, more suitable for studying complex cultural phenomena. Secondly, as a continuation of the first, it is possible to critically comprehend the theory of minor literature as having lost its applicability in today's reality. Thirdly, the concepts of emigrant and transnational literature can receive a new interpretation due to the change in the very essence of migration and national processes today, the shift in the meanings of borders, peoples, states, communities; in this regard, the meaning of the concept of marginality should also change, and with it the definition of various literatures as marginal. The new diaspora of Russian literature, caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war, sharpens these issues even more and forces us to reconsider even those conceptions that were relevant back in January 2022. The discussion is based on the numerous examples from the global Russian literature written in Russia, Ukraine, Europe, Israel, USA, Germany and other countries.