BASEES Annual Conference 2022

Developing Advanced Language Proficiency and Expertise in Eurasian Studies for the Job Market in the Government and the Private Sector

Fri8  Apr04:00pm(90 mins)
Teaching Room 7


Basil Bessonoff


The statistical data showed that most language learners and even their teachers are unaware of how strategic language skills can be applied professionally. As a result, they are not familiar with the specific qualifications sought by employers of candidates aspiring to utilize their language skills professionally. This Master Class aims to address this issue.
To meet the goals of the students with the specifically defined skills an academic project was launched at Global Language Center (GLC) Arlington VA , and NNSA DOE, Washington D.C. to minimize potential academic and cultural challenges of an overseas course abroad.

Handout 1.
To qualify for most language related analytical positions, the candidate should score Advanced high level in Reading and Listening.
A Sample Job Description for a Language Analyst Position at a US Government Agency/Contractor .

Handout 2.
ACTFL Definition of Advanced High level in Reading and Listening.

Handout 3 /and audio
The participants listen to the sample of the authentic recording and test their own comprehension using provided keys.
The course which we named Understanding Russian Social Media , is based upon a three volume textbook series Read and Think Russian with the goal of bridging the gap between the language teaching methodologies used in the English speaking countries and those existing in Russian schools with the aim to prepare the students for the L2 exams in Listening and Reading.

Handouts 3,4,5
Detailed Descriptions of all three volumes.
The Course is supplemented with the materials produced in collaboration with the academics from Russian universities to familiarize the learners with authentic resources they are likely to encounter in the Russian speaking countries, broadening thematic vocabulary, and improving reading and audio comprehension skills.

Handout 6.
Vocabulary building skills demonstration.
Audio comprehension testing with self correction.
Given the time constraints, the Foundation Course on Russian history and US Russia Relations are combined , taught in English, and are supplemented with contemporary documentaries.

Handout 7.
US Russia Course Outline/Synopsis
Samples of documentaries.