BASEES Annual Conference 2022

Literary Strategies of Women Writers

Fri8  Apr04:40pm(20 mins)
Linnett Room


Nadezhda Puriaeva


Regardless of time or social status women of the past often had to overcome significant obstacles seeking to realize their artistic creativity.

On the example of 4 personalities belonging to different eras and cultures, we will try to show what typologically similar strategies were used by women writers who tried to make literature their professional activity.

First, we will consider Li Qingzhao and Anna Bunina, who are considered to be the first Chinese and Russian poetesses respectively. A surprising similarity is also manifested in the literary techniques used by two other heroines of our study - contemporaries who lived in the 19th century: Gu Taiqing and Eudoxie Rostopchina.

Despite the times and cultures that separate them, circumstances of their lives and themes of their works have much in common. Same can be said about strategies they used to construct their works as well as literary reputations.