BASEES Annual Conference 2022

The life course of post-soviet generations in Lithuania

Fri8  Apr04:20pm(20 mins)
Teaching Room 6


Sigita Kraniauskiene


This presentation will discuss how post-soviet transformations in Lithuania have influenced the life of the generation/s born in 1980-2000. After restoring Lithuania's independence in 1990, significant social changes have impacted the life course of young people. As earlier studies have shown, a generation born in the early 1970-ties has experienced significant life course changes. Post-soviet transformations brought some destandartization and deinstitutionalization of life course trajectories during the transition to adulthood. These altered trajectories have become a feature of the demographic behaviour of this generation and have separated it from the older ones. These demographics changes were also reflected in the identity of the 1970s generation. This presentation seeks to capture how the life course transformation processes of (de)standardization and (de)institutionalization are reflected in generation/s born in 1980-2000. It will also try to answer whether these life-course features make it possible to define the identity of a particular generation. This presentation is part of the project "Growing up in Independent Lithuania: Life Courses of 1980-2000 Cohorts, Behavioural Strategies and their Contexts" (2021–2024).