Albania part of Europe, Standpoints and Assessments!

Sat9  Apr11:20am(10 mins)
Teaching Room 6
Mr Dritan  Axhami


Dritan Axhami


This paper presentation will discuss the scenarios of Albanian tempting, and trying so hard to integrate into the European Union. The question of Albanian integration is observed as being affected by the concerns that reflect upon the issues of self/identity, security and economic growth. These concerns will be discussed at three levels of analysis: European, regional and national. Discussing the integration in this way will enable us to understand the stakes involved in Albanian integration. The paper will conclude observing that these stakes differ in nature and are not only related to the country’s progress in terms of the consolidation of democracy, rule of law and market economy.In general, the question of the future shape of Europe is influenced by the concept of European identity at large, the importance of which has been discussed since the end of the Cold War and managing this issue is by no means an easy task, especially since the accession of new states to the European Union has livened up the question of European identity, becoming even more complex, diverse and irretrievably affected.

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