Gastrointestinal Parasites on Cattle in Kulon Progo District of D.I. Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mon15  Apr06:09pm(3 mins)
Renold C16
Mrs Fitrine Ekawasti


f ekawasti1
1 Indonesia Research Center for Veterinary Science, Indonesia


Gastrointestunal parasites are the main cause of losses the weight, disrupting growth and even death of heavily infected animals in cattle farms, especially in calves. To evaluate the presence of gastrointestinal parasites on calves in Kulon Progo district of D.I. Yogyakarta, Indonesia because the prevalence of parasites varies between countries depending on the terrain surrounding livestock farms. Fecal samples from calves, ongole and local cattle (PO) cross breed has examined using whitlock-universal technique, glucose saturated floatation technique (sentrifuse modification) and sedimentation technique to identify the parasitic present in the coprological samples. The test results showed that approximately 81.8 % of the calf population was infected by parasitic, such as Nematode (22.7%), Eimeria sp. (50%), Giardia sp. (6.8%), Trematode (9.1%). Although this evaluate is preliminary, the results showed that the infection of parasitic was high, these infected could be as a potential source leading to economic losses in livestock production. We need to find adequate control measures against infection of pathogen parasitic in order to reduce the impact of parasitic infection of cattle in Indonesia.

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