Magnitude of the inflammatory response to parasite infection differentiates calf and adult bovine monocytes

Tue10  Apr05:45pm(15 mins)
Stream 2 - Llandinam A6


P Sharma2; S Egan2; R Flynn1
1 University of Liverpool/ Institute of Infection and Global Health/ Department of Infection Biology, UK;  2 University of Nottingham, UK


Monocytes are pivotal due to the links they form between the innate and adaptive immune response and are one of the first immune cells encountered by intra-cellular parasites during infection. Our previous data confirmed that neonatal monocytes have a higher level of secretion of IL-1β and TNF-α in response to LPS, IFN-γ and Alum, than adult derived monocytes. Here, we attempted to resolve if this age related difference was maintained in the context of in-vitro infection with Neospora caninum infection.

N. caninum (NCLiv-1) was maintained in VERO cell lines and purified CFSE labelled parasites used to infect naïve CD14+cells which were purified by magnetic cell separation. The number of parasitized monocytes was determined after infection or co-culture with autologous NK-cells culture. CD80 expression was determined as a marker of cellular activation, by flow cytometry. These results reveal a greater reduction of parasitaemia in neonates with higher levels of IL-1β and IL-6 during N. caninum infection compared to adult cattle.  Neonatal NK-cells also display enhanced cytotoxic activity, measured through perforin and granzyme production after co-culture with N. caninum infected monocytes. Complementary gene array analysis was also performed which suggests that during infection, neonates have a greater magnitude of response and a more complex network of upregulated genes are altered. Overall our comparisons show that there is a fundamental difference in the steady-state and in the response to intracellular parasite infection in neonatal monocyte led inflammatory responses. 


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