Psoroptes ovis - a cause of significant disease in sheep and cattle

Wed11  Apr02:15pm(30 mins)
Stream 5 - IBERS 0.33 (Monday), Physisc 0.11 (Tuesday & Wednesday)
Keynote Speaker:
Dr Sian Mitchell


Psoroptes ovis is a significant ectoparasite causing disease in sheep in the UK for many years (sheep scab). The history of the disease in the UK and details of its pathogenicity and diagnosis will be given, as a background to other talks later in this session. The APHA, is a government funded agency of Defra and the Welsh Government with regional laboratories in England and Wales. We are tasked with veterinary scanning surveillance, that is the timely detection and investigation of animal-related New & Re-emerging Threats (NRTs), including changes to patterns & trends of endemic diseases. Action can then be taken by farmers, their vets and/or government to manage and control these threats and diseases. As part of this activity, APHA, together with our collaborators in the University of Bristol, undertook investigations into inefficacious treatment of sheep scab and this has resulted in concerning but not unexpected findings. Details will be presented later in the session, but the background to our investigations will be given. Finally, Psoroptes sp. mites have been detected in cattle in the UK, Ireland and Europe causing severe disease. Information about these cases will also be given.

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