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eventfloBADGE is an industrial level real-time scan and print ‘ticket to badge’ solution designed to be robust, fast and reliable. Using leading scanning technology from Motorola and high throughput badge printers the attendee simply presents their ticket to the desk based scanner, on entry, and their full colour badge is printed and output in under 2 seconds.

Our custom direct-print, proprietary embedded printer software removes the requirement for a control PC as all data within the ticket QR code is processed directly by the printer, this results in an instant scan to print and removes any risk of PC downtime.

eventfloBADGE is provided on a rental basis charged at £500 ($750) per day per station. A station includes a Motorola Scanner and one Badge Printer complete with pre-printed badge paper. Lanyards are not supplied. Graphics for the banner pre-printed on the badge should be provided minimum 4 weeks before event. Delivery, setup and testing of the systems is included.

Save the environment

eventfloTOUCH is a unique solution for scanning delegate badges to obtain complete contact details stored within standardized QR codes.

The eventfloTOUCH is an Apple iPodtouch, preloaded with the eventflo app set to ‘exhibitor mode’. This mode locks the eventflo app to enable only the scanning of QR codes and their storage on the device.

Data is instantly exported by simply sending the data to your own email address, as a single spreadheet file attachment, at the end of the event.

Save money, time and the environment by putting an end to printing detailed event schedules - your events in everyone's pocket!

Custom pages can also be included in your app, please contact us to explain your requirements and we will provide a quotation for the required development.
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