Mr Sándor Földvári

Mr Sándor Földvári
Mr Sándor Földvári
research fellow
Delegate / Speaker


Profile of Mr Sándor Földvári

Slavic book culture, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Byzantine studies; Baltic Studies. Bio: Budapest University, Hungary, three MA degrees in 1991: in Russian, Ukrainian, Philosophy; Debrecen University, Hungary, postgraduate 1991-1996, Academy of Sciences of Hungary: postdoctoral research fellow 1998-2002; recently an independent researcher granted by the Academy of Sciences of Hungary and part-time university lecturer. - published 165 papers, read on 198 conferences; deliverd invited papers and served as panel/sessions chair and has been keynote speaker, too, e.g. at the Lithuanian and Estonian Academies of Sciences. — Mr Földvári is an executive member of the Editorial Board of the “Interdisciplinary Readings” in Humanities (Міждисиплинарні Читання) in Kyїv, Ukraine. - Officially approved list of publications on the site of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences:


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