Dr Hugo Ceulemans

Dr Hugo Ceulemans
Dr Hugo Ceulemans
Scientific Director Discovery Data Sciences
Janssen Pharmaceutica

Presentations at Drug Discovery 2021 After the Storm: Re-connect, Re-invent, Re-imagine

Profile of Dr Hugo Ceulemans

As Scientific Director Discovery Data Sciences Hugo Ceulemans currently heads a multidisciplinary team that supports drug discovery with machine learning approaches. This team advises on impactful data generation, e.g. compound annotation with microscopy images, and complements existing with new data to support screening, to annotate hits and to propose (series of) attractive and efficiently synthesizable molecules to make and test. Hugo holds the degrees of MD, MSc in Bioinformatics and PhD in Molecular Biology, and prior to joining Janssen in 2008, he completed postdoctoral fellowships in molecular and computational biology at the University of Leuven and in structural bioinformatics at the European Molecular Biology Laboratories in Heidelberg. He has driven the MELLODDY project since early conceptualization and currently supports the project as industry lead.


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