Dr Mats Nilsson

Dr Mats Nilsson
Dr Mats Nilsson

Presentations at Drug Discovery 2021 After the Storm: Re-connect, Re-invent, Re-imagine

Profile of Dr Mats Nilsson

Dr Mats Nilsson (MN) is professor of Biochemistry at Stockholm University and Director of the Spatial and Single Cell Biology Platform at SciLifeLab in Stockholm and Uppsala. Nilsson leads a group at SciLifeLab dedicated to developing and applying spatial omics methods to resolve molecular and cellular diversity in human and mouse tissue sections from organs and whole embryos. The core activity is development of protocols and reagents (wet ware), but also to co-develop computational tools (software) and imaging systems (hardware) with collaborators to establish complete analysis systems. He is engaged in several Human Cell Atlas projects, with particular emphasis on human development. He has a long standing interest in trying to deconvolute intra-tumoral heterogeneity through in situ genotyping and phenotyping. Nilsson has pioneered padlock probe and RCA technologies which has generated 6 spin out companies and further adoption by numerous companies.


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