Drug Discovery 2021 After the Storm: Re-connect, Re-invent, Re-imagine

Guido Lanza

 Guido Lanza
Guido Lanza
Vice President of Integrated Research at Valo Health
Valo Health

Presentations at Drug Discovery 2021 After the Storm: Re-connect, Re-invent, Re-imagine

Profile of Guido Lanza

Guido Lanza is the VP of Integrated Research at Valo where he joined as part of the acquisition of Numerate, where he was CEO. Guido co-founded Numerate in 2007, along with a team of computer scientists and drug hunters. Their vision was to change the discovery paradigm through AI – to unlock inaccessible emerging biology and to build a platform capable of learning from all previous data (and mistakes) in the industry. He has led Numerate’s efforts to secure multiple rounds of funding, as well as secured several high-profile collaborations with large Pharma companies. As the company grew, they evolved their business model from being primarily a medicinal chemistry service provider for Pharma to an AI-driven company with major Pharma alliances, high-profile academic collaborations, and a pipeline of first-in-class therapeutic programs. This has given Guido a unique perspective on having to simultaneously solve scientific, technological, and business-related challenges of building a successful company based on a proprietary AI platform.

Prior to Numerate, in 2001 Guido co-founded and was the CTO of another algorithm-focused biotech startup (Pharmix), where he led the development and application of the drug discovery platform. Guido’s background is in Molecular Biology (UC Berkeley) and Bioinformatics (U. of Manchester).


Dr Paul Boardman
Senior Director, Data Science
Valo Health


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