Research & Innovation 2021

Dr Lisa Baker

Dr Lisa Baker
Dr Lisa Baker
Principal Scientist
Vernalis (R&D) Ltd

Presentations at Research & Innovation 2021

Tue23  Feb02:00pm(30 mins)
Rapid optimisation of fragments and hits to lead compounds from screening of crude reaction mixtures

Session: Innovations in structural biology and biophysics
Room: Conference Hall

Profile of Dr Lisa Baker

I am a Principal Scientist and Project Leader with over 18 years' experience of working in the pharmaceuticals industry. My main interest is in the use of current and emerging high-throughput crystallographic techniques to solve large volumes of ligand-bound protein crystal structures. This structural information can subsequently be used to rapidly progress a fragment-based lead discovery project. At Vernalis I have solved many 1000s of ligand-bound structures which have contributed to the design of lead and candidate compounds for many proteins implicated in disease. Currently I am a project leader on my second collaborative project working on an undisclosed target.


Ms Emer Murphy
Associate Scientist
Vernalis (R&D) Ltd
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