Research & Innovation 2021

Charlie Arber

 Charlie Arber
Charlie Arber
Senior Research Fellow
UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

Presentations at Research & Innovation 2021

Wed24  Feb11:50am(15 mins)
Modelling and understanding dementia using stem cell-derived neurons

Session: Seeking novel drug targets for the Discovery pipeline
Room: Conference Hall

Profile of Charlie Arber

Charlie is a stem cell biologist working to understand the causes of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). During his PhD at Imperial College London he developed methods to generate human neurons from stem cells. At the Institute of Neurology at UCL, he now uses induced pluripotent stem cell technology to make stem cells from skin cells, donated from research participants with AD gene mutations. With these stem cells, and the subsequent generation of neurons in culture, he can probe early disease events in human neurons for the first time.
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