Research & Innovation 2021

Sir Peter Donnelly

Sir Peter Donnelly
Sir Peter Donnelly
CEO, Genomics plc; Professor of Statistical Science
University of Oxford

Presentations at Research & Innovation 2021

Wed24  Feb09:05am(45 mins)
Empowering Drug Discovery through Genomics

Session: Plenary Keynote
Room: Conference Hall

Profile of Sir Peter Donnelly

Sir Peter Donnelly is a Founder and CEO of Genomics plc and Professor of Statistical Science at the University of Oxford. He has been one of the global leaders in the "Genetic Revolution" - the explosion in our knowledge of the genetic basis of human diseases and the increasing use of genome sequencing in clinical medicine. Genomics plc develops and applies statistical and machine learning algorithms to its large data platform linking human genetic variation to changes in disease susceptibility and other biological measurements, offering a powerful route to unerstanding human biology. The company exploits this in two directions: to the discovery of novel drug targets, and in clinical medicine to prediction of individual risk for common diseases to allow earlier interventions, more efficient screening and better diagnoses.


Dr Stephanie Hatch
Postdoctoral Research Assistant
University of Oxford
Dr Timothy Johanssen
Postdoctoral researcher
University of Oxford
Kreger Karabova
Mrs Maria Kreger Karabova
DPhil student
University of Oxford
Dr Francesca Nicholls
University of Oxford
Ray Owens
Group head
University of Oxford
Poster Presenter
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