Prof Philippe Bastin

Prof Philippe Bastin
Prof Philippe Bastin
Director of Research
Institute Pasteur

Presentations at BSP Spring Meeting 2019

Wed17  Apr11:30am(30 mins)
Keynote: Flagellum length control during the trypanosome life cycle

Session: Cell Biology - V
Room: Renold C2

Profile of Prof Philippe Bastin

Our lab is studying the role and the functioning of the trypanosome flagellum, with perspectives in the field of both parasitology and genetic diseases.

Indeed, trypanosomes are significant parasites of man and cattle in central Africa and there are currently no efficient vaccines against them. Moreover, trypanosomes are also an excellent model to study human genetic diseases due to defects in cilia and flagella.

Our lab is a Pasteur full research unit and is affiliated to the Department of Parasites and Insect Vectors (headed by Gerald Spaeth) but also to the Department of Cell Biology and Infection (headed by Chiara Zurzolo). We belong to an INSERM unit (U1201, headed by Artur Scherf) that involves two other teams working on Plasmodium and on Leishmania. We are also part of the LabEx IBEID, a consortium coordinated by Professors Philippe Sansonetti and Pascale Cossart whose aim is to develop a structure to anticipate and tackle emerging infectious diseases (EIDs).


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