Prof Jan Bradley

Prof Jan Bradley
Prof Jan Bradley
University of Nottingham

Presentations at BSP Spring Meeting 2019

Wed17  Apr09:00am(30 mins)
Keynote: Unravelling the factors that affect immune variability in wild rodents

Session: Ecology and Ecosystems - III Sponsored by BES
Room: Renold C9

Profile of Prof Jan Bradley

Work in this laboratory focuses on the host-parasite relationship in nematode infections. To be infected with worms is the norm for children in developing countries and helminth infections are also common in vertebrate wildlife populations. Thus, the vertebrate immune system probably evolved in the presence of worm infection and may operate optimally in this context. Helminths are known to polarize the immune response towards Th2 responses, epitomized by high levels of IgE and eosinophilia. They have also recently been shown to induce the development of regulatory T cells. Our work can be divided into the following areas, all of which revolve around defining how the parasite affects and interacts with the host immune system.


Dr Christopher Taylor
Research Fellow
University of Nottingham
Mr Andrew Wolfenden
Research Fellow
University of Nottingham


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