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Ian Tomlinson

 Ian Tomlinson
Ian Tomlinson
Apollo Therapeutics

Presentations at Research & Innovation 2017

Wed29  Mar09:15am(45 mins)
Keynote: Real Discovery Partnership: Making industrial-academic interactions work

Session: Keynote Speaker
Room: The Auditorium

Profile of Ian Tomlinson

Dr Ian Tomlinson is Chairman of the Board of the Stevenage Biosciences Catalyst, Chairman of the Investment Committee for Apollo Therapeutics, sits on the Board of the UK BioIndustry Association, and is part of the Major Awards Committee for the UK’s Biomedical Catalyst funding scheme.

The Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst is the UK's first open innovation biomedical campus. where fast growing biotech, pharma and medtech businesses can draw upon world-leading expertise, networks, academic support and scientific facilities. Based close to big pharma on the London-Cambridge corridor it offers access to equipment and facilities that would otherwise be beyond the reach of small or medium-sized companies.

Apollo Therapeutics is a £40 million fund, launched in January 2016, with the goal of significantly improving the speed and potential of university research being translated into novel medicines. It is a unique collaboration between AstraZeneca, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, and the technology transfer offices of Imperial College London, University College London and the University of Cambridge, and is the first time that global pharmaceutical companies and world-leading universities have come together to create this type of fund.

Previously, Ian was Senior Vice President, Head of Worldwide Business Development and Head of Biopharm R&D at GSK. In his Worldwide Business Development role at GSK, Ian had global responsibility for all Pharmaceutical R&D related business development activities, including acquisitions, in- and out-licensing and collaborations. In his Biopharm R&D role, Ian combined the resources and development expertise of a large pharmaceutical company with the entrepreneurial spirit of a smaller biotech organisation, bringing early research, late-stage biopharm development and manufacturing expertise into one organisation. This ambitious integrated strategy led to a quadrupling of GSK's pipeline of clinical stage biopharmaceuticals from 10% in 2008 to 40% by 2015, including establishing a state-of-the-art cell and gene therapy platform within the Biopharm R & D organisation.

An active member of GSK R&D Leadership Team, Ian was also a member of several of GSK’s main governance committees, including Chairing the Technology Investment Board (TIB) and the Platforms and Capabilities Investment Board (PCIB), the latter being responsible for co-ordinating direct and indirect investment for all GSK’s R & D pre-clinical and clinical platforms, with an annual spend of approximately £1.5 billion. Ian also served on the Board of ViiV, the HIV healthcare company.

He joined GSK in January 2007 when it acquired Domantis Limited, a company he founded in 2000 with Sir Gregory Winter, for $454M. Domantis was focused on the development of an entirely new class of drugs based on the smallest fragments of antibodies, known as domain antibodies, and had raised $83 million from a range of private and institutional investors by the time of acquisition. At Domantis, Ian was CSO and Executive Vice President, having direct responsibility for scientific strategy and UK operations but also played major role in investor and business development activities with investors such as MVM Limited and 3i and partners that included Imclone, Abbott and BMS.

Earlier in his career, Ian graduated from Trinity College, Cambridge, UK and then spent 11 years at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology on the Addenbrookes Campus in Cambridge, where he initially worked on the completion of the sequencing and mapping of all human antibody genes, and later on engineering recombinant antibodies, during which time he was awarded the Max Perutz Prize and became a Junior Research Fellow of Trinity College.


Dr Darren Cawkill
Project Director
Apollo Therapeutics
Dr Paul Hamblin
Project Director
Apollo Therapeutics
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