Dr Chrisophe Eizaguirre

Dr Chrisophe Eizaguirre
Dr Chrisophe Eizaguirre
Reader in Evolutionary and Conservation Genetics
Queen Mary, University of London

Presentations at BSP Spring Meeting 2018

Tue10  Apr04:15pm(30 mins)
Keynote: Parasite resistance: from genes to ecosystems

Session: Ecological Parasitology: Aquatic Parasitology I
Room: Stream 4 - Edward Llwyd 0.01
Wed11  Apr02:15pm(90 mins)

Session: Ecological Parasitology: Ecological Modelling
Room: Stream 4 - Edward Llwyd 0.01

Profile of Dr Chrisophe Eizaguirre

Over the last years, I have developed an interdisciplinary research program based on evolutionary and conservation genetics. Particularly, my research interests include host-parasite interactions,eco-evo dynamics, the evolution of endangered species and population genomics.

My research group uses laboratory and field experiments in combination with next generation sequencing. We use the three-spined stickleback as a model species to, for instance, understand the effects of parasites on gene expression and their epigenetics modulations.

The gained knowledge then helps us understand patterns in endangered species, such as the European eel or even the loggerhead sea turtle.
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