Mrs Faiza Durrani

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Mrs Faiza Durrani
Ph.D student
School of Biological Sciences,P.U.pakistan.
Poster Presenter
Poster Presentation Poster 102
Cost effective production of biologically active recombinant ovine growth hormone via SRP secretory system

Profile of Mrs Faiza Durrani

PhD in Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab,2015.
Thesis Title; “Expression and Secretion of Recombinant Ovine Somatotropin in Escherichia coli” .Super visor, Dr. Waheed Akhter.

(2004-2008)Assistant research officer. School of Biological Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
(2005-06)Demontrator. Institute of Industrial biotechnology,Govt college university,Lahore.


 Durrani F.G, Gul R. Sadaf ,S. and Akhter MW. (2015). Expression and purification of recombinant biologically active ovine growth hormone with DsbA targeting to Escherichia coli inner membrane. Applied Microbioogy and Biotechnology ,16 ;791-801.

 Effect of compatible solutes (Mannitol,Sorbitol,Glycine-betaine and Glycylglycine)on the soluble expression of recombinant ovine growth hormone designed with DsbA signal sequence.( in preparation)
 Glycerol and ZnCl2 enhance the release of roGH in the periplasmic space of E.coli.
(In preparation)
 Substitution of alanine (-13) with isoleucine in DsbA signal sequence hampers the export and processing of a recombinant ovine somatotropin in Escherichia coli.
( In preparation)
 Cloning, sequence analysis and molecular docking of GHbp and oGH of local ovine and buffalo breeds
( In preparation)


Poster Presenter
Faiza Durrani
Ph D student
School of Biological Sciences,P.U.pakistan.
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