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TravelWelcome to 'The Pleiotropic Nuclear Envelope' sponsored by the Biochemical Society!

The following gives advice for getting around Edinburgh and links for the Festivals. We are awaiting a final budget to know if we can buy lots of tickets for evening shows, but if there is anything you are particularly interested to see it is advised to get tickets yourself now — in fact several International Festival shows are already sold out. Also anyone wanting to attend the extra Whisky Society outing on the 23rd should contact Eric Schirmer more than a week in advance as he will need to give them final numbers then.

Travel and getting to the venue

Edinburgh Airport

1. Taxi. Taxis line up on the ground floor within the parking garage that you will see when you leave the main terminal building. The trip takes 20-30 min and a typical taxi fare to the meeting venue is £25-30.

2. 100 Airport Express Bus. The blue 100 bus will be just outside the doors of the main terminal nearest the baggage claim area. It leaves every 7 min and terminates at Waverley Train Station in the center of town in 25-30 min. If you are early getting on the bus you can get a seat on the second level to get a nice view of the architecture and city sites as you approach the city center. If you are non-residential staying downtown it drops off at Haymarket, Princes Street, and George Street before Waverley. See Train instructions below for getting to the venue from Waverley Station. A roundtrip anytime return ticket for the 100 Airport Express bus is £7.50.

3. The Tram. One of the most useless wastes of taxpayer dollars (or pounds) in history, the Tram mostly follows the same route as the bus but takes longer and being much closer to the ground does not afford a good view. It also costs more with a return ticket at £8.50 (if purchased on the train £10 each trip).

4. Public bus. The 35 bus stops outside the main terminal and can be taken to Sighthill where one can transfer to the number 3 bus that will take one within 2 blocks of the conference venue, getting off at the stop just after crossing Salisbury Road. Alternatively, stay on the 35 and get off on the Royal Mile from whence it will take about 15-20 minutes to walk 12 blocks down St. Mary's Street which changes name to Pleasance, then St. Leonard's Street, and finally to Dalkeith Road after the first block of which turn left down Holyrood Park Road to enter the Pollock Halls.

Waverley Train Station

Taxis. There are three sites to get a Taxi: (1) within the station behind track 11; (2) just up the ramp/road exiting the station on Waverley Bridge; (3) On Market Street just outside the upper level South exit (heading over track 11).

Buses. Buses are plentiful just outside Waverley Station. The upper level North exit (via the escalator by track 19) takes you directly to Princes Street and if you walk up the ramp exit to Waverley Bridge and just walk half a block to the Right (North) you are also on Princes Street. From Princes Street the 33 will take you directly to Pollock Halls (get off at the Royal Commonwealth Pool stop) and the 3 and 31 will take you through Newington where if you get off at the stop just after Salisbury Road you have to walk just 1 block East on Salisbury Road (towards Arthur's Seat) to reach the Commonwealth Pool that sits at the corner of the Pollock Halls of Residence. Alternatively if you go 1 block further and turn up North Bridge Street you can take the 14, 30 and 33 directly to the Commonwealth Pool stop or the 3, 5, 7, 8, 29, 31, 37, or 47 to Salisbury Road. More information and maps can be found at
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