SCTS Annual Meeting and CT Forum 2017.

Annual Business Meeting

The SCTS Annual Business Meeting will be held on Tuesday 14th March at 1300 in the main auditorium.

Please note that the Business Meeting is open to Society members only.

Agenda (Auditorium)
Chairs - Mr. Graham Cooper, Mr. Simon Kendall

Annual Business Meeting 2017
Belfast Waterfront Centre
Tuesday 14th March


Approve Minutes of ABM 2016

Minute's silence for deceased members

Mr Roger Abbey Smith July 2016
Mr John Stuart Bailey September 2016
Prof Armand Piwnica October 2016
Mr Augustine Tang January 2017
Mr Marvin Sturridge January 2017
Mr Robert Lawson January 2017

1. The Relationship between SCTS and NICOR

a) Introduction Graham Cooper
b) Using HES data for Thoracic Surgery Doug West
c) Using HES data for Cardiac Surgery David Jenkins
d) Looking Ahead Graham Cooper
2. To present SCTS accounts
Treasurer, Kulvinder Lall

3. Congenital Reconfiguration. National review of Paediatric intensive care
Chair of Congenital Committee, Carin van Doorn
4. Proposed changes to the Cardiothoracic Curriculum
Chair of SAC. Rajesh Shah

5. Review of SCTS course and future plans
Education Secretaries, Narain Moorjani and Sri Rathinam

7. Consent and Retrospective notification regarding risk of M. Chimaera infections from contaminated heater coolers
Honorary Secretary, Simon Kendall

Approve new members.


Date of next meeting: 18th – 20th March 2018, SEC, Glasgow