SCTS Annual Meeting and CT Forum 2017.

Prizes and Scholarships

SCTS 2016 Prize Winners:

Ronald Edwards Medal​ - P Youssefi
John Parker Medal​ - C Spadaccio
Society Thoracic Medal​ - T Knight
Best CT Forum Presentation​ - L Parry
Patrick Magee Medal​​ - S Schnittman
Bob Bonser Prize​ - M Iafrancesco
Swann-Morton Prize​ - C Mills
Best Cardiac Surgical Movie - Giuseppe Raffa
Best Thoracic Surgical Movie - Keng Ang
Best Congenital Surgical Movie - Alessandro Viviano

SCTS 2017 Awards:

Ronald Edwards Medal​ - Best scientific oral presentation
John Parker Medal​ - Best clinical presentation (cardiac)
Society Thoracic Medal​ - Best thoracic presentation
Society CT Forum Medal​ - Best CT Forum presentation
The Patrick Magee Medal​ - Best student poster presentation
Bob Bonser Prize​ - Best presentation on aortic surgery
BASO Prize​ - Best presentation involving Cancer

The winners will be announced by email after the annual meeting

SCTS 2017 Scholarships:

The Marian & Christina Ionescu ​
Travelling Scholarship​