Programme : Presentations by Session

Addressing the challenges of infection - how do we develop new treatments?

Platinum Suite 3
7-October-2020, at 09:00
Chairs: Dr Fiona Marston, Mike Dawson

Better hits = better therapies?

Platinum Suite 1
7-October-2020, at 09:00
Chairs: Thomas Lundb├Ąck, Steve Young


Platinum Suite 4
6-October-2020, at 11:20
Chairs: David Kendall, Sarah Nickolls

Conference Welcome

Platinum Suite 1
6-October-2020, at 09:15
Chairs: Chun-wa Chung, Catherine Kettleborough, Ian Waddell


Platinum Suite 4
7-October-2020, at 09:00
Chairs: Graeme Thomson, Dr Graeme Walker

ECP - Careers Panel Discussion

ECP - CV Clinic

ECP - Impact Award Presentation

ECP - Network like a Boss

ELRIG Annual Review

Platinum Suite 1
6-October-2020, at 09:00
Chairs: Steve Rees

Industry Insider Presentation - across all tracks

Innovations in Chemistry to discover new medicines

Platinum Suite 1
6-October-2020, at 11:20
Chairs: Dr Andy Merritt, Dr David Andrews

Keynote Introduction

Keynote Speaker - across all tracks

Multi Omic approaches to deliver new medicines

Platinum Suite 2
7-October-2020, at 09:00
Chairs: Gerard Drewes, Delphine Rolando

New Modalities to treat disease

Platinum Suite 2
6-October-2020, at 11:20
Chairs: Mark Creighton-Gutteridge, David Blakey

Patient relevant models for drug discovery

Platinum Suite 3
6-October-2020, at 11:20
Chairs: Jane Kendrew, Antti Nurmi

Platinum Sponsor Presentation

Poster Spotlight Presentations

Sponsored Talk - across all tracks

Technology Spotlight Presentations


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