Programme : Presentations by Speaker

Speakers 1-5

Snapshot Presentations 1
Tue16  Jun12:00pm(30 mins)
Speakers 1-5  
Session : Snapshot Sessions
Room: Auditorium

Speakers 1-5

Snapshot Presentations 2
Wed17  Jun12:30pm(30 mins)
Speakers 1-5  
Session : Snapshot Sessions
Room: Auditorium

Paul Andrews

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Pharma at the UK National Phenotypic Screening Centre
Tue16  Jun01:30pm(60 mins)
Paul  Andrews Paul Andrews  
Session : Plenary Keynote
Room: Auditorium

Prof Per Artursson

Assessing the Importance of Intracellular Unbound Concentration Measurements for Understanding Target Engagement
Wed17  Jun04:00pm(30 mins)
Prof Per Artursson Prof Per Artursson  
Room: Auditorium

Anders Aspegren

hPSC as Tools in Screening Projects – Only For the Devoted(?)
Tue16  Jun11:30am(30 mins)
Anders Aspegren Anders Aspegren  
Room: Auditorium

Andrew Brown

Implementing New and Novel Approaches to Impact In Vitro Drug Safety: Best Molecule by Design
Tue16  Jun11:00am(30 mins)
Andrew Brown Andrew Brown  
Room: Auditorium

Anna Falk

iPS Cell Derived Models of Neurological Disorders
Tue16  Jun10:30am(30 mins)
Anna  Falk Anna Falk  
Room: Auditorium

Johan Flygare

A Phenotypic Screening Assay For Diamond Blackfan Anemia Candidate Drugs
Wed17  Jun11:00am(30 mins)
Johan  Flygare Johan Flygare  
Room: Auditorium

Jim Freeth

Deconvoluting Receptors Targeted by Phenotypic Screen Hits Using the Retrogenix Cell Microarray Platform
Wed17  Jun03:00pm(30 mins)
Jim  Freeth Jim Freeth  
Room: Auditorium

Veit Hornung

High Throughput Generation of Human Knockout Cell Lines Using the CRISPR/Cas9 System
Tue16  Jun03:30pm(30 mins)
Veit  Hornung Veit Hornung  
Session : Genome Editing
Room: Auditorium

Peter Horvath

Phenotypic Discovery Using Machine Learning and Image Analysis Methods
Wed17  Jun10:30am(30 mins)
Peter  Horvath Peter Horvath  
Room: Auditorium

Marcello Maresca

ObLiGaRe: Targeted Integration by Homology Independent Repair in Cells and Animals
Tue16  Jun02:30pm(30 mins)
Marcello  Maresca Marcello Maresca  
Session : Genome Editing
Room: Auditorium

Pär Nordlund

Target Engagement Studies Using the Cellular Thermal Shift Assay
Wed17  Jun02:30pm(30 mins)
Pär  Nordlund Pär Nordlund  
Room: Auditorium

Dr Mikael Persson

High Content Analysis for Predictive Toxicology
Wed17  Jun12:00pm(30 mins)
Dr Mikael  Persson Dr Mikael Persson  
Room: Auditorium

Per Sunnerhagen

Session Chair Introduction
Wed17  Jun10:15am(15 mins)
Per Sunnerhagen  
Room: Auditorium

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