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Cell and Gene Therapy

Thu3  Sep09:10am(5 mins)
Chairs: Beckbury
Aniz  Girach Aniz Girach Angela Gritti Angela Gritti
Session : Cell and Gene Therapy
Keynote: How Stem Cells Signal to Host Immune Cells
Thu3  Sep09:15am(45 mins)
Stefano  Pluchino Stefano Pluchino  
Room: Beckbury
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Based Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Lysosomal Storage Disorders
Thu3  Sep10:00am(30 mins)
Alessandra Biffi Alessandra Biffi  
Room: Beckbury
Accelerating Human iPSC in vitro Disease Modeling by Introducing Targeted Gene Mutations in Isogenic Cell Lines Through the CRISPR/Cas9 Nuclease System
Thu3  Sep11:00am(30 mins)
Vania  Broccoli Vania Broccoli  
Room: Beckbury
Modelling Cardiovascular Disease with Pluripotent Stem Cells: a High-Content Approach
Thu3  Sep03:00pm(30 mins)
Gabor  Foldes Gabor Foldes  
Room: Beckbury
Adoptive T Cell Therapy for Cancer
Thu3  Sep03:30pm(30 mins)
Dr David  Gilham Dr David Gilham  
Room: Beckbury
Gene Therapy for Choroideremia, an Inherited Cause of Blindness
Thu3  Sep04:00pm(30 mins)
Alun Barnard Alun Barnard  
Room: Beckbury

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