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Oncology Drug Targets

Thu3  Sep09:10am(5 mins)
Chairs: Pattingham
Herbie  Newell Herbie Newell Hamish Ryder Hamish Ryder
Session : Oncology Drug Targets
Keynote: “We Must Work Together To Catalyse the Generation of More Novel and More Affordable Cancer Treatments”
Thu3  Sep09:15am(45 mins)
Prof Chas Bountra Prof Chas Bountra  
Room: Pattingham
Optimising Oncology Drug Discovery via Partnerships Between Academia and Industry
Thu3  Sep10:00am(30 mins)
Neil Thompson Neil Thompson  
Room: Pattingham
Building On an Atypical (PKC) Relationship – Innovative Drug Discovery Alliances in Oncology
Thu3  Sep11:00am(30 mins)
Christian  Dillon Christian Dillon  
Room: Pattingham
Targeting Oxygenases for the Regulation of Protein Biosynthesis
Thu3  Sep03:00pm(30 mins)
Christopher  Schofield Christopher Schofield  
Room: Pattingham
Chemical Probes for the Bromodomain of the BRPF Family
Thu3  Sep03:30pm(30 mins)
Paul Fish Paul Fish  
Room: Pattingham
Fragment-Based Lead Generation of Reversible Inhibitors for Lysine-Specific Demethylases
Thu3  Sep04:00pm(30 mins)
Ulf Bremberg Ulf Bremberg  
Room: Pattingham

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