Wednesday, 29 March 2023 to Thursday, 30 March 2023


Dr Jordan Lane
1ATLAS- a Machine Learning Platform for Early Drug Discovery Toxicity Prediction
Dr Manal Mohammed
University of Westminster
2Investigating the complex-dynamics of phage-host interaction: Towards effective phage therapy.
Dr Thorsten Zacher
Pepperprint GmbH
3Identification of overlapping B-cell and T-cell epitopes
Dr Johannes Reynisson
Keele University
4The cytotoxic potential of cationic triangulenes against tumour cells
Mrs Cassandra Wigmore
Nebion, an Immunai company
5Unchaining the full potential of public single-cell RNA-Seq data for drug discovery
Dr Hadia Almahli
University of Cambridge
6The Development of Novel Diagnostics Tools for The Neurodegenerative Diseases
Dr Laura Brady
7Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Stratified Trial System (BESTS) - A patient driven platform that leverages clinical and genomic data to accelerate clinical trial recruitment for precision therapies
Dr Cornelia Wilson
Canterbury Christ Church University
8Identification of small molecule stabilizers of the IkB NF-kB p50:p65/RelA complex for lung cancer.
Miss Samiyah Ahmed
9Recombinant Protein Production for Drug Discovery at AstraZeneca
Dr Ganesh Shahane
10Structure-based generative AI for de novo drug design.
Dr Raminderpal Singh
11A novel in silico simulation platform to untangle biological pathway mechanisms in Type 1 Diabetes progression
Ms Sahba Seddighi
12Mis-spliced transcripts generate de novo proteins in TDP-43-related ALS/FTD
Mrs Lucia Azzollini
Axxam Spa
13SLC transporters and drug discovery: unlocking the "gatekeepers" as therapeutic targets for rare diseases
Mr Simon Myrbäck
Cellbox Solutions GmbH
14Integrated Live Cell Shipment Solution Avoids Cryopreservation for Cell-Based Products
Dr Joel Cresser-Brown
Tocris / Bio-Techne
15Validating Targets for TPD using dTAG – a comprehensive workflow solution
Dr Anna Suchy
16Proteins & Structures: High-quality recombinant proteins and structural biology services.
Dr Sidonie Aubert
17Investigating CDK4/6 Palbociclib resistance mechanisms in MCF7 breast cancer cell line
Dr Isabel M Caballero
Pelago Bioscience AB
18Label-free compound profiling in live cells with CETSA®. Case studies with cyclin-dependent kinase 4/6 inhibitors
Miss Emma Buzzard
University of Exeter
19Cryo-ET for investigating the role of respiratory chain organisation in health and disease
Miss Farah Hammoud
Canterbury Christ Church University
20A Novel Molecular Degrader for the Regulation of the NF-κB Pathway for Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treatment.
Miss Lonalisa Okwera
Canterbury Christ church university
21Novel treatment modality for NSCLC in SK-MES-1 cell line targeting the NF-kB pathway.
Miss Essi M. Niemi
UPM Biomedicals
22Nanofibrillar Cellulose Hydrogels for Animal-free 3D Cell-Based Assays for High-Throughput Screening Analyses
Dr Veronique De Conto
HCS Pharma
233D cell culture taking into account the extracellular matrix for bridging the gap between in vitro & in vivo: focus on cancer models
Dr Danny Schnerwitzki
24Integrated Drug Discovery and Early Development Services in Age-related diseases
Mr Nick Lynch
Curlew Research
25Learnings from a Review of Research Data Management at Rosalind Franklin Institute
Mr Muji Shah
Promega UK Ltd
26The Spectrum Compact CE System allows laboratories of all sizes the freedom to carry out fragment analysis applications such as single nucleotide polymorphism, PCR sizing and microsatellite analysis, and Sanger sequencing applications.