Drug Discovery 2021 After the Storm: Re-connect, Re-invent, Re-imagine


Dr Philippe Saint-Cricq-Riviere
1Mesoporous silica & PLGA nanoparticles for next-generation drug delivery & targeted therapeutic technologies
Mr Lukas Focke
acCELLerate GmbH
2Patch Ready Cells – Flexible Tools in Cardiotoxicity Testing
Dr Kirsty Winn
Medicines Discovery Catapult
3A roadmap for the discovery of therapeutics in healthy ageing
Dr Jon Bloom
Pharmaron UK
4A Novel Method for the Early, Rapid Assessment of Tissue Distribution for New Drug Candidates
Ms Wing Yee Lai
University of East Anglia
5Investigation into the roles of protein kinase D (PKD) in CXCL12/CXCR4 signalling in cancer cells
Dr Sree Vadlamudi
Iktos AI
6Fragment growth with reaction predictions for hit discovery
Dr Sree Vadlamudi
Iktos AI
7Discovery of Novel Inhibitors of PIM-1 Kinase Enabled by Generative AI
Dr Jóhannes Reynisson
Keele University
8Targeting Mtb isocitrate lyase for the treatment of tuberculosis
Dr Alison Obergrussberger
Nanion Technologies GmbH
9Reliable identification of cardiac liability in drug discovery using automated patch clamp: Experimental and technical considerations for high throughput recordings of NaV1.5 and hERG
Dr Omar Qureshi
10A cell-based, SARS-CoV-2 spike protein binding assay reveals differential impact of RBD-targeting antibodies
Dr Chidinma Okolo
Diamond Light Source
11Soft X-ray tomography and structured illumination fluorescence microscopy as integrated high throughput pipelines for drug discovery, production and post-market surveillance
Dr Kate Stuart
PhoreMost Ltd
12PhoreMost: Drugging the Undruggable
Dr Saritha Marella
Acharya N.G Ranga Agricultural University
13Nanoencapsulated Ellagic acid-inhibitory actions on aldose reductase and α-glucosidase in secondary complications of diabetes
Miss Tamsin Lamont
Collaborative Drug Discovery
14Managing Antibiotics Research Data with CDD Vault, a Drug Discovery Collaborative Platform
Dr Celine Legros
Eurofins Discovery
15Investigating Potential Therapeutic Targets for the Treatment of Fibrotic Diseases.
Dr Celine Legros
Eurofins Discovery
16High Throughput Screening cascade to generate highly selective hits for PIM3 kinase
Dr Bruno Chilian
TRI Thinking Research Instruments GmbH
17Quantifying Cell Morphology With Label-free Imaging and Deep Learning
Dr Lisa Stott
Sosei Heptares
18Characterisation of [3H]-HTL45725, a Novel Radioligand for the Orphan Receptor GPR52
Miss Elaine Duncan
Charles River Discovery
19Toxin pharmacology and MoA data against Nav1.X channels: Multi-parameter analysis using Sophion Qube high-throughput automated patch clamp platform
Miss Jasmine Trigg
20Visualization and quantification of phagocytosis using live-cell analysis and advanced flow cytometry
Miss Kirsty McBain
21Quantify T Cell Response in 3D Tumor Spheroids Using Advanced Flow Cytometry and Live-Cell Analysis
Dr Lorna Suckling
22The Identification of Novel Drug Target Candidates in T cells
Dr David Knight
23VHH drug discovery using synthetic libraries
Ms Lesley-Anne Pearson
University of Dundee
24Development of a High-Throughput Screening Assay to Identify Inhibitors of the SARS-CoV-2 Guanine-N7- Methyltransferase Using RapidFire Mass Spectrometry
Mr Mourad Ferhat
25Highly Multiplexed, Single-Cell Functional Profiling of CAR-T Products Enables More Predictive Product Characterization, Cell Manufacturing optimization, and Cellular Biomarkers across Product Types
Dr Juan Hidalgo de Quintana
Thermo Fisher Scientific
26Multiplexing protein and gene level measurements on a single Luminex platform
Dr Manolis Papamichos
Universtiy of Liverpool
27Resolution of R-loops by INO80 promotes DNA replication and maintains cancer cell proliferation and viability.
Dr Rob Slack
Galecto, Inc.
28Plasma LOXL2 target engagement by GB2064, a high affinity, small-molecule LOXL2 inhibitor, in a phase 1 healthy subject study.
Dr Rob Slack
Galecto, Inc.
29Translational pharmacology of GB0139, an inhaled small molecule galectin-3 inhibitor for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.
Dr Rob Slack
Galecto, Inc.
30Determination of the affinity and kinetic rate constants of galectin inhibitors using surface plasmon resonance.
Miss Chandni Patel
University of Liverpool
31Determining drug activity against SARS-CoV-2 using lab-generated lentiviral vectors pseudo-typed with the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein
Mr Bedwyr ab Ion Thomas
The Medicines Discovery Institute, Cardiff University
32Developing Therapies for Prion Diseases
Mr Restuan Lubis
Lead Discovery Center
33A successful high-throughput screening campaign for new small molecule inhibitors of BLM Helicase
Mrs Atf Nagbou
Axxam SpA
34Identifying Ryanodine Receptor Modulators: From High-Throughput Screening to Single Channel Recording
Dr Frederique Tholozan
Magnitude Biosciences
35Automated Monitoring of C. elegans Movement for Neurodegeneration and Ageing: Tissue and Lifecourse Matter
Dr Ryan Mordue
Aurelia Bioscience Ltd
36CyBio FeliX: Making Simple Western™ Technology … More Simple
Mrs Kathy Dodgson
Aurelia Bioscience Ltd
37The benefits of real time measurement of cells (black and white or colour) - Utilisation of the Incucyte® SX5 at a CRO
Dr Adam Peall
Aurelia Bioscience
38Development of a Robust Screening Cascade to Identify Small Molecule Inhibitors of a DNA Damage Response Protein
Mrs Jenny McLaughlan
Aurelia Bioscience
39Alternative Methods to Increase PROTAC Screening Throughput
Dr Marta Rucka
40Reprogramming cell identity: enabling the next generation of human cells
Miss Kerry Chapman
41Enhance PROTAC Drug Discovery with a Comprehensive No-Wash Technological Platform: A BTK Case Study
Ms Paula Dickinson
Nexcelom Bioscience Ltd
42Improved Inter-Instrument Consistency and High Precision for CHO Cell Bioprocessing Using the Cellaca MX High-Throughput Cell Counter
Dr Alice Webb
43High throughput protein workflows for antimicrobial drug design
Miss Maria Clapés
SUN bioscience SA
44An automated standardized screening workflow for assessing combination therapies in human pancreatic cancer organoids
Ms Charlotte Jewell
Platelet Services Ltd
45Platelet function testing in drug discovery projects: considerations and challenges
Dr Danielle McCullough
Venomtech Ltd
46Novel GPCR ligands: GPR120 case study
Dr Philippa Hart
Medicines Discovery Catapult
47Accumulation of Bioactive lipids in LPS-induced Neuroinflammation models: MSI Biomarkers
Mr Bob Humphries
48Inhalation: The Inspired Choice in the Treatment of Respiratory Disease
Mr Steven Trim
49Novel biologics for disrupting programmed cell death receptor PD-1 binding to PD-L1
Mr Andoni Cruz
BBD BioPhenix
50Validation of Zebrafish Embryotoxicity Test (ZET) as a Qualified Alternative Assay For Its Regulatory Use.
Dr Hasan Alkassem
Biosynth Carbosynth
51X-Shining(TM) Luciferase Product Range
Dr Rosalia Lopes Rodrigues
52Nanorobotic Sensors as a Novel Platform for Nucleic Acid Biomarker Detection in Blood
Dr Claire Hatty
NanoTemper Technologies, Ltd.
53Utilizing isothermal spectral shift detection to quantify challenging biomolecular interactions with Monolith X
Mr Miles Rackliff
My Customer and me.com
54Key scientists require key technologies or is this vice versa?
Dr Alison Holiday
55“Scar-in-a-jar”: in vitro assay for the quantification of key markers of fibrosis
Mr Paul Wylie
56Accelerating high-throughput screening using FirePlex -384 multiplexing technology with high-content imaging and laboratory automation
Dr Jana Wolf
57Fragment library screening by Grating Coupling Interferometry (GCI) and benefits over Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
Mrs Léa Todeschini
58A smart breathing alveolus on chip model: concept and applications
Medicines Discovery Catapult
59Investigation of Nuvec Particles for Effective Gene Delivery
Mrs Erica Mckinnon
Gilson Scientific ltd
60Automation of a Secondary Drug Screen for ALS Using iPSC-Derived Human Neurons
Dr Gabriela Nass Kovacs
Genedata AG
61A New Workflow Automating the Data Analysis in Gene Expression Screens Across Assay Formats Produces Consistent Results at Scale and Efficiency
Dr Agata Miezaniec
62Novel Strategy for Identification of Gut Microbiome Biomarkers of Parkinson’s Disease Using Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
Mr Jonathan Temple
University of Liverpool
63Evaluation of spheroid and scaffold-based liver cultures for the development of a reliable model for the prediction of drug hepatotoxicity
Dr Michael Eyres
Medicines Discovery Catapult
64Spatial Proteomics and Transcriptomics using GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiling
Mrs Astrid Noerenberg
upcyte technologies GmbH
65Generations of Expanded Primary Cells and Modified Cell Lines for Drug Discovery Screenings
Miss Eleanor Platt
Medicine Discovery Catapult
66mRNA biomarkers of ageing in plasma samples
Dr Patrick Killoran
67A chemoenzymatic solution for cell-permeable therapeutic macrocycles
Dr Kerry Barkan
Sosei Heptares
68Dynamic Mass Redistribution (DMR) as a Method to Enable Real-time Investigation of CKR Signalling in Live Human T Cells
Mrs Joanne Walter
Fida Biosystems ApS
69Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis (FIDA) for size-based characterization of proteins and protein interactions under native conditions
Ms Stacey Hanson
LifeNet Health LifeSciences
70A Novel in Vitro All-Human Tri-Culture Model That Maintains Structural Organization And Key Functions of Primary Hepatocytes Over Several Weeks
Mrs Jasmin Loo
Arctoris Ltd
71Implementing fully automated kinase inhibitor characterization using a robotic system
Mrs Carol Williams
72High Content Compatible Fast Frame Rate Imaging of GPCR mediated Calcium Signaling
Miss Candace Adams
LightOx ltd
73Photoreact365: Uniform, directed and reproducible UV light irradiation for photobiological and photochemical applications.
Miss Amy Hamilton
Levitas Bio
74Rare CRISPR BCL-2 KO Cells Discovered Using Levitation Technology
Dr Egle Vaitone
75Profiling two-pore domain potassium (K2P) channel gene expression in pain-relevant cells
Dr James Harrison
Aston University
76In vitro efficacy of relebactam versus avibactam against Mycobacterium abscessus complex
Dr Erika Zernickel
77High Content Analysis Portfolio
Dr Erika Zernickel
78High-Content Analysis Portfolio
Mr Muji Shah
79Spectrum Compact CE System –A Personal, Benchtop Capillary Electrophoresis Device
Miss Victoria Nolan
Aston University
80Clinical Significance of Manuka and Medical-Grade Honey for Antibiotic-Resistant Infections: A Systematic Review
Dr Stuart Knowling
81High Productivity and Process Economy in GxP Applications with the Octet® Platform
Mr Finbar Gaffey
82High throughput quantitative pharmacology: cross platform comparison of ion channel activating compounds for pain
Miss Mae Taylor
83Mixed Reality at LifeArc: Expanding mixed reality technology to augment laboratory-based research
Mr Sam Braidley
85Covalent Fragment Screen using QToF analysis
Dr Nicholas Bland
86Disrupting the Role of Biophysics in Drug Discovery: The NanoTemper Dianthus, A Medium Throughput Biophysical Screening Platform
Mr Saheed Benson
87A cell-based neuroprotection assay targeting poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP) reveals oncology-based potency ranking of clinically used PARP inhibitors (PARPi)
Mr Gary Allenby
Aurelia Bioscience
88ISOLIGHT Technology: Cytokines Profiles in Patients with Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Determination of Similarities and Differences within Serum from Individual Patients
Miss Melanie Jamard
WuXi AppTec
90Unleashing the Potential of Hit Discovery
Dr Patrick McIntyre
Aurelia Bioscience
91Higher throughput techniques for PROTAC drug discovery
Ms Gehad Mohamed
Keele University
92The effect of different levels of BCAA on paclitaxel sensitivity
Mr Jean-Pierre Joubert
CN Bio Innovations Ltd
93Human liver microphysiological system for studying acute and chronic drug-induced liver toxicity in vitro
Mr Jean-Pierre Joubert
CN Bio Innovations Ltd
94Pharmacokinetic profiles revisited in 3D microfluidic tumour models
Dr Mark Stewart
Domainex Ltd
95Domainex: Integrated drug discovery
Mrs Nicola Reynolds
Flexible Lab Solutions
96Flexible Lab Solutions
Dr Christopher Southan
Medicines Discovery Catapult
9740 million open chemical structures from patents: treasure trove? junk yard? or both?
Dr Kerry Shea
Medicines Discovery Catapult
98Human iPSC Derived Microglia Cell Assays
Dr Samrina Rehman
Medicines Discovery Catapult
99From Data to Knowledge - Informatics at Medicines Discovery Catapult
Dr Qiuyu Wang
Manchester Metropolitan University
100Immunomodulatory activities of arabinoxylan on human colon adenocarcinoma cells in vitro
Dr Kepa Burusco-Goni
Medicines Discovery Catapult
101Drug Repurposing for the Elderly And Multimorbid: Dr-EAM.ai