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Posters who want to host a presentation/discussion of their work on Zoom, Instagram or other meeting software can now do so.
Post a time and an invitation link and we'll publish it next to your poster. Go to your Booking and then Abstracts.
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Ms Nikita Patel
1The inhibition of MIF by ISO-1 attenuates trauma-induced multiple organ failure in rats
Miss Tamsin Lamont
Collaborative Drug Discovery
2CDD Vault - Complexity Simplified A Hosted Solution You Can Access Online From Any Web Browser
Dr Scott Cribbes
Nexcelom Bioscience Ltd
3AbHigh Throughput Foci Counting of Viral Titer and Antibody Neutralizationstract
Dr Frederique Tholozan
Magnitude Biosciences
4C. elegans and Automated Imaging: A straightforward and quantitative platform for characterising microbiome-host interactions in vivo prior to rodent studies.
Dr Scott Cribbes
Nexcelom Bioscience Ltd
5Cellaca MX: A Novel Instrument for High-throughput, High-speed Cell Counting, Concentration, and Viability
Prof Ray Owens
University of Oxford
6Instruct-ERIC: the European Research Infrastructure for structural biology delivering cutting edge technology to academic and industry researchers
Dr Scott Cribbes
Nexcelom Bioscience Ltd
13Improved Inter-Instrument Consistency and High Precision for CHO Cell Bioprocessing Using the Cellaca MX High-Throughput Cell Counter
Dr Scott Cribbes
Nexcelom Bioscience Ltd
14High-Speed and High-Precision FL-Based Cell Count and Viability Assays Using the Cellaca MX High-Throughput Cell Counter
Dr Manoja Rasamanikkam
16Studying the molecular mechanism of viral replication in real time using the CLARIOstar Plus with ACU
Ms Anne Marie Quinn
Montana Molecular
17Measuring partial and biased agonism at GPCRs on the FDSS/µCell
Mr Daniel Garcia-West
19Introducing Multiplex and High Sensitivity Immunoassays for Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 Humoral Immunity
Prabhjoat Chana
21Analysis of Viral Particles on Amnis® Flow Cytometers
Dr Leanne Wickens
Promega UK Ltd
22Targeted degradation of endogenously tagged proteins for phenotypic studies using HaloPROTAC3 and HaloTag® technologies
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