Prof Steven Conlan
Swansea University
1RAGE Targeting ADC for female cancers
Miss Anchala Kumari
TERI School of Advanced Studies
2Synergistic approaches unraveling regulation and aggregation of intrinsically disordered β-amyloids implicated in Alzheimer’s disease
Dr Lauri Paasonen
UPM-Kymmene Corporation
3Automating 3D cell culture using a wood-derived hydrogel
Mrs Maelle Delannoy
4A cellular binding platform to measure human IgG affinity for Fc gamma receptors (FcyRs)
Dr Catherine Goh
siTOOLs Biotech
5Phenovault: An open-access resource for RNAi and CRISPR screening data
Dr Jason Otterstrom
IDEA Bio-Medical
6Automated image analysis of 3D model systems for high content & throughput screening
Mr Rasel Al-Amin
Uppsala University
7The cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA) with readout by multiplex PEA - sensitive measurement of cellular drug-protein binding.
Dr Alasdair Robertson
SAL Scientific Ltd
8Optimised Conditions for Cell Growth in Defined Media
Dr Ranjeet Kumar
Imperial College LONDON
9High-content drug toxicity screening in a 3-D spheroid-based assay using commercial 384-well plates and semi-automatic high-speed oblique plane light sheet microscopy
Dr Omar Qureshi
10Analysing phagocytosis in 3-dimensions: developing methods for evaluating the uptake of particles taken up into differentially acidified vesicles
Mr Richard Dennis
Proteome Sciences
11A Novel Method For Discovery of Peripheral Blood Biomarkers in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Using Extensive Depletion and TMTcalibrator Tissue-Enhanced Plasma Proteomics
Professor Nicholas Barnes
12Further studies investigating the pharmacology of CSTI-300; a novel 5-HT3 receptor partial agonist with potential to treat patients with irritable bowel syndrome and carcinoid syndrome
Mrs imbisaat geti
Elpis Biomed Ltd
13Elpis-primed human stem cells to support drug discovery pipelines
Dr Jan Tykvart
DIANA Biotechnologies
14DIANA: a novel HTS platform for screening of small molecule libraries Case study: Screening of IOCB library on CAIX using HTS DIANA
Professor John Gordon
15PD-1 blockade enhances T cell cytokine production in a broad range of cellular activation contexts
Miss Olívia Pontes
School of Medicine, University of Minho
16New chromene-based molecules as microtubule destabilisers and pro-apoptotic agents in breast cancer
Dr Michael Palmowski
I&L Biosystems UK LTD
17Surface Plasmon Resonance Microscopy for Cell Membrane Proteins
Miss Anja Schlott
The Francis Crick Institute
18Antimalarial N-Myristoyl Transferase inhibitors: a resistant mutant parasite provides insights into inhibitor binding mode
Dr Abigail Marklew
Charles River
19Development and validation of ligand-gated ion channel assays using the Qube 384 automated electrophysiology platform
Dr Joe Lackey
20Feasibility of manufacturing-scale bioproduction of novel next-generation 3D organoid cancer models in support of the Human Cancer Models Initiative
Dr James Robinson
21High-throughput cellular assays for identification of protein degraders
Dr Kris Clark
Sygnature Discovery
22Development of an in vitro immuno-oncology platform to aid the development of next generation cancer therapeutics
Dr Christoph Sachse
NMI TT Pharmaservices
23Beyond Genomics: DigiWest® Multiplex Profiling of up to 800 Total and Phospho Proteins for Compound MoA Studies and Biomarker Identification
Dr Nirmal Perera
24Assessment of RAS-RAF-MAPK Pathway Perturbations and PD-L1 Expression in an Isogenic 3D Tissue-Culture Model of Drug-Resistant Melanoma
patrick courtney
25SiLA & AnIML: Enabling Integration in the Lab of the Future
Dr Ben Allsop
26Real-time measurement of cardiac Ischaemia-Reperfusion injury in vitro.
Dr Chandan Seth Nanda
The Francis Crick Institute
27Long-Lasting WNT-TCF Response Blocking and Epigenetic Modifying Activities of a novel copound in Human Cancer Cells.
Miss Catherine Scerri
Active Motif
28A Multi-Omics Toolbox to Define the Epigenetic Profile in Cancer Disease Areas
Dr Simon Plummer
29A spheroid tissue microarray platform for brain tumour drug development and personalised medicine.
Miss Chloe Peach
University of Nottingham
30Quantifying VEGF binding at VEGFR2 and Neuropilin-1 using NanoBRET
Dr Markus Muellner
31Drugging the undruggable using Protein Interference
Mrs Shilina Roman
Charles River
32A translational platform using primary human immune cells in vitro, syngeneic and humanized models in vivo to support and advance immune-oncology drug discovery
Dr Tk Feaster
FUJIFILM Cellular Dynamics, Inc.
Dr Benjamin Simona
Ectica Technologies AG
34Neuronal differentiation of human iPSCs in 3DProSeed hydrogel well plate and establishment of glia co-cultures
Mr David Bunton
35Application of Pharmacogenomics and Bioinformatics to Exemplify the Utility of Human ex vivo Organoculture Models in the Field of Precision Medicine.
Dr Samantha Cooper
University of Nottingham
36Regional Haemodynamic responses to Adenosine A2A-Receptor Agonists in Conscious Freely Moving Rats
Dr Mariangela Iovino
Discovery from Charles River
37Robust and scalable generation of stem cell-derived glutamatergic neurons (eNEURONS/glut) in support of drug discovery and high throughput screening
Dr Adrian Biddle
Queen Mary University of London
38In vitro modelling of cancer stem cell therapeutic responses for drug discovery
Dr Krzysztof Potempa
39Precision medicine opportunities powered by the BRAINCURES Discovery Engine Platform
Dr Lisa Hale
40Fragment-Based Discovery of Inhibitors of the CSF1R:IL-34 Interaction for Targeting Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer’s Disease
Miss Zarah Tabrizi
School of Life Sciences, University of Nottingham
41Investigating ligand binding at the rat adenosine A2B receptor using NanoBRET
Mr Radoslaw Bombera
BioNavis Ltd
42Multi-Parametric Surface Plasmon Resonance (MP-SPR) as a biophysical analysis platform in drug development process
Dr Ross Overman
Leaf Expression Systems
43Scalable protein production in plants
Dr Elodie Vandenhaute
HCS pharma
44Neurotoxicity assessment: comparison between SH-SY5Y cell line and induced pluripotent stem cell-derived brain cells
Mr Thomas Christott
SGC, University of Oxford
45SGC-iMLLT: A chemical probe for the YEATS domains of MLLT1/MLLT3
Dr Andrew Jones
46Development of a novel biophysical fragment screening platform for detergent-free purified GPCRs
Ms Jana Wolf
47Fragment-based drug design using Microscale Thermophoresis
Mrs Bomi Jung
48High density assessment of drug distribution profiles in cultured cells
Dr Katie Chapman
49MAP4K4 mediates human cardiac muscle cell death: Human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes for target validation and drug development
Mr David McCoull
50Development of a novel screening system to identify activators of two-pore domain potassium channels (K2Ps)
Dr Shahzad Ali
Plasticell Ltd
51Discovery of Natural Products Capable of Expanding and Inducing Brown Adipose Tissue
Simon Lydford
Molecular Devices (UK) Ltd
53High-Content Assays for Morphological Charactersation of 3D Neuronal Networks in a Microfluidic Platform
Mr Juha Kammonen
Charles River
54Multi-parameter ion channel screening: mechanism-of-action data directly from HTS
Mr Rasel Al-Amin
Uppsala University
55Target Engagement-Mediated Amplification for Monitoring Drug-Target Interactions in Situ
Dr Steven van Helden
Pivot Park Screening Centre
56HTS in the European Lead Factory: Experiences of 5 Years of Screening for Public Partners
Mr Temitayo Adeyemi
Keele University
Miss Kate Simpson
58Using Structure-Based Methods For Hit Finding In The Real And Virtual Worlds
Mr Kalicharan Sharma
Jamia Hamdard
59Identification of substituted triazole derivatives as DYRK1A inhibitors for Alzheimer’s disease by virtual screening
Ms Nikita Admane
Jawaharlal Nehru University
60Green tea polyphenols: potent small molecule inhibitors of human prion aggregation.
Miss Nishtha Sch
Jamia Hamdard
61Synthesis and biological evaluation of some isatin compounds as potential tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Dr Clio Andreae
Charles River Laboratories
62Tracking bacterial infection and treatment in Galleria mellonella using luminescent bacterium
Dr Lovisa Holmberg Schiavone
63Screening a secretome library to discover novel biology and targets relevant to drug discovery
Dr Robert Kirby
Metrion Biosciences
64Identification of novel peptide inhibitors of the Kv1.3 ion channel from scorpion venom as drug discovery leads for T-cell mediated disease
Mr Phillip DeLand
65Application of Acoustic Mist Ionization Mass Spectrometry (AMI-MS) for the Development of Kinase Assays
Mr Safiulla Basha Syed
66Identification of piperine based drug like P-gp inhibitors with decreased cross reactivity with CYP3A4
Miss Sophie Ridewood
The Francis Crick Institute
67Genetic Interrogation of Putative Proteases in the Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum
Dr Artur Yakimovich
68DeepInfectome: Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Systems Biology Dataset Rediscovery
Dr Linos Lazarides
Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services
69The Discovery of a Potent and Orally Bioavailable Macrocyclic Cyclophilin Inhibitor Based on the Structural Simplification of Sanglifherin A
Dr Aneesh Karatt Vellatt
70Generating ion channel blocking antibodies by fusing cysteine-knot miniproteins into peripheral CDR loops
Miss Emily Knight
Canterbury Christ Church University
71Development of a Compound Library from Cobra Venom and the Results of Cytotoxicity Screening in SW620 Colorectal Cancer Cells
Mrs Nikki Carter
72CRISPR/Cas9-mediated generation of cellular models for immuno-oncology target validation
Ms Maria Walton
Malvern Panalytical Ltd
73Advantages of the use of MicroCal Auto-ITC200 and MicroCal VP-Capillary DSC in FBDD Campaign
Ms Kristie Wood
74Combining Tube-based Storage with New Acoustic Liquid Handling Technology to Dramatically Increase Sample Management Efficiency
Dr Gajen Kanesharajah
Takara Bio Europe
75Rapid purification and characterization of recombinant proteins and antibodies: Capturem high-capacity membranes
gary allenby
Aurelia Biosciences
76Evaluation of Cells Shipped within Assay Plates in a Semi-Solid Shipping Gel - 5 Days in the Mail
Simon Lydford
Molecular Devices (UK) Ltd
77Optimised reagents for monitoring calcium flux assays in adherent and non-adherent cells on the SpectraMax iDx Multi-Mode Microplate Readers
Ms Lotta Räty
Miltenyi Biotec Ltd
78Isolation of functional cells straight from buffy coat, LRSC, and Leukopak
Mr Harry Bickerstaffe
University of Liverpool Medical School
79Websites to systematically find new drug indications: a review and comparison of genomic drug repurposing websites for new users
Mrs María Fiuza Pérez
80Characterization of Human iPSC derived microglia-like cells.
Dr Hannah Maple
Tocris Bioscience (Bio-Techne)
81Generating a chemical toolbox to support PROTAC R&D
Dr William Coward
Crown Bioscience
82Generation of human immune checkpoint double knock-in mice (dKI HuGEMM) for preclinical efficacy assessment of combinatorial therapeutic antibodies
Mr Gerry Alden
83Fully Automated Process for High Throughput Screening of Primary Cancer Patient Cells
Mr Dave Morris
UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy
84UNC Catalyst for Rare Diseases: A pre-competitive open science model for rare disease research
Mr David Whalley
Discovery from Charles River
85An alternative method for the determination of Ki and kinact parameters for irreversible inhibitor profiling
Miss Cassie Messenger
86Molecular Availability and Accessibility - measuring and understanding cellular drug concentrations
Dr Alasdair Robertson
SAL Scientific Ltd
87Development of a novel 3D microfluidic assay platform for the assessment of human stem-cell derived epithelial function.
Mrs Catherine Wark
88NanoBRET™ assay quantitatively evaluates VEGF binding to the VEGFR2 in real-time in living cells
Mr Liudvikas Urbonas
Charles River
89Development and validation of a pharmacodynamic ROCK biomarker assay using Meso Scale Discovery for measurement of MYPT1 phosphorylation
Dr Jessica Tilman
Censo Biotechnologies
90Encapsulation for the room temperature preservation of iPSC-derived microglia using novel hydrogel technology
Dr Jessica Tilman
Censo Biotechnologies
91Human iPSC-derived Microglia Differentiation and Applications for Neuroinflammation Modelling and Drug Discovery
Dr Taku Watanabe
Medical & Biological Laboratories, Co., Ltd.
92Fluoppi: a cell based assay for evaluating PPI modulators and/or targeted protein degraders such as PROTACs.
Dr Karl Syson
93Characterising the kinetic mechanism of Protein Arginine Methyltransferase 5
Dr mohamed boudjelal
94Naturally immortalized human breast carcinoma KAIMRC1 cells with Immuno-phenotypic characteristics that grow in 3-D
Dr Charles-Hugues Lardeau
95Using differential scanning fluorimetry to profile and confirm target engagement of a compound tool set within weeks of project acceptance
Dr William Coward
Crown Bioscience
96Efficacy Assessment of the BTK Inhibitor Ibrutinib in De Novo and Viral-Induced B Cell Lymphoma
Ms Barbara Hofbauer
Technical University of Munich
97Activation of ClpP and AfBPP by ADEPs
Tim Dale
98Development of multi-spheroid co-culture 3D tumor assays using real-time live-cell analysis
Dr Anja Baumgart
99Evaluation of the Hollow Fiber Model as a highly predictive in vivo testing system for the selection of xenograft tumor models in cancer drug discovery.
Miss Louise Conilh
Mr Phillip DeLand
101Acoustic Mist Ionisation Platform for High-Throughput MS-Based Drug Discovery
Dr Sheraz Gul
Fraunhofer IME
102Development of an algorithm to predict genetic age from epigenetic markers
Mr Chris Tomlinson
Sygnature Discovery
103An Efficient, Multifaceted Approach to Indoleamine 2,3-Dioxygenase (IDO1) Hit Profiling
Dr Priyanka Narasimhan
104Functional cardiotoxicity assessment using 3D cardiac microtissue
Mr Mark Stephens
Beckman Coulter GmbH
105Automating Cell Line Development for Biologics
Mr Kevin Teburi
Genedata AG
106Large-scale determination of affinity, specificity, and kinetics of complex molecules: Automating data analysis at pace with the new possibilities
Mr Clément Bonnot
107Innovation in Medicinal Chemistry
Dr Frank Craig
Sphere Fluidics Limited
108Cyto-Mine® - an integrated platform for rapid therapeutic discovery from single cells.
Mr Chris Green
The ALBORADA Drug Discovery Institute
109Using DiscoverX InCELL pulse to develop a Target Engagement Assay for PI5P4K Gamma, a target in neurodegeneration.
Dr Clare Murray
C4X Discovery
110Efficacy of a novel selective oral orexin 1 receptor antagonist in rat models of nicotine self administration and reinstatement
Dr Juliana Maynard
Medicines Discovery Catapult
111Pharmacokinetic Profiling and Tissue Distribution Studies of Liposome encapsulated SN38 Therapeutic Microbubbles using 89Zr Positron Emission Tomography (PET).
Dr David Chisholm
LightOx Ltd.
112LightOx Fluorescent Probes: solvatochromatic fluorophores for imaging applications
Dr Ray Chan
113MimEX™ GI, a Novel and Robust 3-D Gastrointestinal Tissue Model Applicable for Toxicology, Drug Verification, and Disease Modeling
Miss Desislava Nesheva
University of Nottingham
114Examining the pharmacology of intracellular modulators of CXCR2 using split luciferase complementation of β-Arrestin2 and mini Galphao proteins
Dr Jamie Patient
Sygnature Discovery
115Discovery Toxicology Assays in 2D & 3D Cell Cultures to Efficiently Identify Safer Drug Candidates
Amanda Jones
116More Content from High-Content Screening: Analyzing Spheroids in 3D
Miss Charlotte East
Astex Pharmaceuticals
117Development of a selective ERK1/2 inhibitor which modulates the phosphorylation and catalytic activity of ERK
Miss Nicola Dijon
University of Nottingham
118Using NanoBiT luciferase complementation in real-time kinetic monitoring of effector recruitment.
Dr Valeria Chichagova
Newcells Biotech Ltd
119Human induced pluripotent stem cells-derived laminated retinal model as a tool for toxicology studies
Dr David Sorrell
Horizon Discovery
120Horizon’s Cellular HTS Platform for the Identification of Beneficial Combinations in Rare Disease
Dr Tim Scales
Horizon Discovery
121High-Throughput Cell Panel and Organoid Screening in 3D
Ms Jayne Ingram
Axion BioSystems
122Quantification of seizurogenic activity with multiwell microelectrode array technology for proconvulsant risk assessment.
Dr Martin Ruediger
123In-vitro translation assay for eIF2B activators
Naomi Gray
124Instruct-ERIC: Expanding Structural Biology access and expertise across Europe
Miss Francesca Mison
125Combinatorial Domain Hunting (CDH) Solving protein production challenges
Mrs Hardeep Grewal
126Prestige Antibodies: Antibodies covering the Human Proteome and Trust through Characterization
Miss Kerry Chapman
127Fast, Simple, Homogeneous Assays for Characterisation of Fc Receptor Binding Using AlphaLISA
Miss Kerry Chapman
128Evaluating PD-1 and PD-L1 Blocking Antibodies Using Human and Mouse Binding Kits
gary allenby
Aurelia Biosciences
129Application of Luminescence and BRET to GPCR Biology: Binding Affinity and Kinetics in 3-Dimensional Scaffold Format
Dr David Bailey
IOTA Pharmaceuticals Ltd
130Can chemical biology cure glioblastoma?
Lisa McWilliams
131Introducing FLIPR Tetra as a Novel Application for Delivering High-throughput Kinetic Biochemical Assays.
Dr Gary Allenby
Aurelia Bioscience
132An Enabling Technology to Compare Kinase Compound Residency Time with Potency Within Living Cells in a HTS Format
Dr Mick McLean
Atelerix Ltd
133Storage and transport of cells and tissues at room temperature
Dr Julia Kristensson
Bicycle Therapeutics
134Novel Bicyclic Peptide Multimers Activate T Cell Costimulatory Protein CD137
Mr Martin Brown
135Development of a High Content Imaging Assay for Interrogating Macrophage Efferocytosis
Mr Jesus Ramirez
136CLINICAL RESEARCH CENTRES ANALYSIS: Quality in the conduction of clinical trials
Dr Marie-Edith Gourdel
Hybrigenics Services SAS
138Phenotypic screening combined to target deconvolution identifies novel modulators of beta-cell regeneration
Miss Danielle McCullough
Venomtech Ltd
139Investigation of a panel of snake venoms for EGFR phosphorylation reducing capabilities in EGFR over-expressing Cancers
Dr Laurence Arnold
140Overcoming rapid product inhibition of an RNA helicase for HTS
James Smith
University of Cambridge
141An assay for tau uptake in human neurons
Dr andrew turnbull
CRUK Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories
142Novel USP7 inhibitors: Team science at the academic-industry interface
Mr Kevin Teburi
Genedata AG
143Scaling-Up Drug Discovery in the Fourth Dimension
Ms Theresa Mulholland
144A microfluidic solution to aid precision medicine: large screening of cancer patient-derived spheroids
Mrs Emma Armstrong
Alzheimers Research UK Drug Discovery Institute UCL
145High Throughput Screening in the search for new therapies for dementia: One Year & One Million Data Points
Mr Peter Djali
Formulatrix, Inc.
146Miniaturization of Hit Confirmation Run of 12,000 Concentration Response Curves using the TEMPEST® Liquid Handler
Mrs Kathy Dodgson
Aurelia Biosciences
147Why Small is Beautiful! Working with Smaller CRO’s Can Often Bring Surprising Research Rewards
Dr Warren Higgs
148Improved Accuracy in Multiplex Assays by Elimination of False Positives due to Endogenous Antibodies
Mr Robert Humphries
149Advancing Assets in Drug Discovery and Early Development: Building a “Real World Ready” Platform of Evidence Using Networked R&D
Dr Liz Jagger
RenaSci Ltd
150Validation of Ex Vivo Receptor Occupancy at Mu and Kappa Opioid Receptors in Rat Brain Using Morphine, Buprenorphine and (-)-Pentazocine
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