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Dr Hayley Angove
Domainex Ltd
1Discovery of Novel SMYD3 Inhibitors for the Treatment of Cancer
Elen Bray
CM Technologies
2Maximum Information Imaging; overcoming the challenges experienced with live cell studies
Gemma kinsella
3The Role of GPR 21 in Insulin resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
Dr Suresh Kumar
Jamia Hamdard
4Comparative atom based 3D QSAR study of 3-Nitro-1H-1,2,4-triazole-based Aliphatic and Aromatic Amines analogs for its anti-trypanosomal activities
Rodrigo Maldonado
University of Manchester
5Effect of recombinant protein load on the activation of the unfolded protein response (UPR) in Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells
Kapendra Sahu
6Determination of in vitro and in silico phase I metabolism of febuxostat using UPLC-MS/MS
omprakash Tanwar
Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi
7Structure-Based Drug Discovery of some Novel Hydrazine derivatives as selective DPP-IV inhibitors
Mrs Basma Al-sudani
salford university
8Novel therapies for cancer treatment: designing high affinity and selectivity ligands against SIRT1
Dr Paul Andrews
Stem Cell Solutions Ltd.
9Establishing a National Phenotypic Screening Centre in the UK
Dr Ruediger Bader
Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd
10Electric Field Stimulation (EFS) of cardiomyocytes using Hamamatsu FDSS/μCELL
Dr Ruediger Bader
Hamamatsu Photonics UK Ltd
11The challenge of interpreting drug potency under non-equilibrium conditions using ca2+ assays
Dr Peter Banks
BioTek Instruments
12Automated Cell Dispensing and Image-Based Spheroid Formation Tracking
Dr Peter Banks
BioTek Instruments
13Improving Fluorescence-based Assay Performance using Automated Digital Microscopy
Mr Edward Barnes
Aptamer Group
14Fully Automated In Vitro Aptamer Selection
Jenny Bernström
Discovery Sciences, AstraZeneca Sweden
15The trials and tribulations of determining ROR alpha selectivity
Joe Bradley
Scitegrity Ltd
16Detecting Controlled Substances in corporate collections
Dr Janet Brownlees
MRC Technology
18Use of DNA repair Cell Based Assays to Determine Efficacy of ERCC1 Inhibitor Compounds as Possible Therapeutics in the Treatment of Melanoma and Ovarian Cancer
Mr George Burslem
University of Leeds
19The Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of Inhibitors of the HIF-1α/p300 Protein-Protein Interaction
Benjamin Buscher
Thermo Fisher Scientific
20LRRK2 Inhibitor Evaluation and Profiling in Both Biochemical and Cellular HTS Formats by SelectScreen® Screening Services
Dr Peter Coombs
MRC Technology
21Fragment-based discovery of inhibitors of the de novo purine biosynthetic enzyme PAICS
Dr Philip Craven
University of Leeds
22Natural Product-Inspired Libraries For Exploitation In The European Lead Factory
Miss Victoria Day
23Universally Screen Kinase Assays that were Miniaturized Using the Echo® Liquid Handler from Labcyte with BMG LABTECH’s PHERAstar FS
Miss Victoria Day
24More Light, Greater Sensitivity - Revolutionary New LVF Monochromator Technology in the CLARIOstar® Microplate Reader
Miss Victoria Day
25Cell Migration Assays from Platypus Technologies (OrisTM and OrisTM Pro) Are Digitally Imaged Using the PHERAstar FS from BMG LABTECH.
Dr Agathe Devaux
263D cell culture in Biomimesys®, a hyaluronic acid hydrogel scaffold Application using colorectal cells
Dr Richard Doveston
University of Leeds
27A Unified Approach to Lead-Oriented Synthesis
Lars Eng
Episentec AB
28Competition-based screening and characterization with Label-Enhanced SPR
Mr Daniel Foley
University of Leeds
29Lead-oriented synthesis (LOS) towards diverse molecular scaffolds
Dr Helen Garside
Dr Kelly Gatfield
31Evaluation of InCELL Hunter™ Technology for use with Bromodomain targets
Johannes Grillari
Evercyte GmbH
32Urine derived human cells as model systems in drug discovery and toxicology
Mrs Nicola Hamilton
Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute
33A collaborative hit-finding approach to identify novel inhibitors of mutant isocitrate dehydrogenase
Dr Elena Heister
The Electrospinning Company
34Mimetix electrospun scaffolds for 3D culture and cell-based assays of human hepatocytes
Dr Stephan Heyse
Genedata AG
35A flexible infrastructure for compound screening and data analysis for academic screening centers
Mike Jowett
Cambridge Bioscience Limited
36Pan-kinase Affinity Probe
Dr Kamran Honarnejad
University of Bonn
37Identification of tetrahydrocarbazoles as novel multifactorial drug candidates for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease from a high-throughput compound screen
Mrs Louise Howells
38UCB’s core antibody discovery platform
Dr Richard Isaacs
Molecular Sensing
Ida Isaksson
40Delivery of compounds directly to cell plates using acoustic dispensing – a new capability within Compound Management at AstraZeneca Mölndal
Mr Steven Kane
University of Leeds
41Development of Synthetic Approaches to Diverse Lead-Like Compounds
George Karageorgis
School of Chemistry, University of Leeds
42Activity Directed Synthesis for the discovery of small bioactive molecules
Mike Jowett
Cambridge Bioscience Limited
43A fluorogenic pH probe for visualizing GPCR trafficking and pH sensing
Mrs Bhumika Karamshi
44The use of RT-qPCR to screen for modulators of neurodegenerative disorders.
Dr Katie
University of Leeds
45Strategies in Structure Based Drug Discovery
Ralf Kettenhofen
Axiogenesis AG
46Human Cardiomyocytes Derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: High Throughput and High Content Assessment of Cardiac Toxicity and Drug Efficacy by Monitoring Cytosolic Free Calcium Transients
Mr Puneet Khurana
MRC Technology
47A fluorescence based high throughput assay to identify inhibitors of the autophagy associated kinase ULK1
Paul Ko
Avacta Life Sciences Ltd
48High Throughput Protein Expression: 230,000 proteins a year, and counting
Paul Ko
Avacta Life Sciences Ltd
49Affimers: Custom Affinity Reagents for Life Science R&D
Hans Krell
MAB Discovery GmbH
50MAB Discovery Technology: The smart way to highly diverse and functional Therapeutic Antibodies
Mr Evgeny Kulesskiy
University of Helsinki / FIMM
51Development of drug sensitivity and resistance testing (DSRT) platform for personalized medicine
David Lasky
Thermo Fisher Scientific
52Accelerating Delivery of Compound Profiling Data to Enable Faster Discovery Decisions
Dr Roland Leathers
ThermoFisher Scientific
53Utility of hPSC Scorecard™ Assay in assessment of functional pluripotency of cells across the iPSC workflow
Dr Roland Leathers
ThermoFisher Scientific
54Differentiating Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Neurons- Approaches in Media Development
Dr Roland Leathers
ThermoFisher Scientific
55Boosting protein expression to >1g/L in the next generation mammalian transient protein production system: The Expi293™ Expression System
Dr Christian Loch
56A snapshot of pan-cellular PTM in response to Sorafenib mediated multi-kinase inhibition.
Prof Omar M
Minia University
58Synthesis, cytotoxicity, and tubulin polymerization inhibitory activity of novel pyrrolone and pyridazinone derivatives
Dr Ann Macdonald
Life Technologies Ltd
59Efficient generation of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from Parkinson's disease (PD) study patient fibroblast lines using CytoTune®-iPS 2.0 Sendai Reprogramming Kit in the Essential® feeder-free media system
Dr Ann Macdonald
Life Technologies Ltd
60Using cells from patients with multiple systems atrophy or Parkinson's Disease (PARK2, LRRK2, and/or GBA mutations) to build stem cell derived disease model systems
brendon mackenzie
61Physiologically relevant assay cascade for the identification and characterisation of Clostridium difficile enterotoxin-neutralising antibodies
Craig Malcolm
62A Novel Nanoluc Profurimazine based real-time Bioluminescent Cell Viability Assay Poster
Mr Stephane Martinez
Cellectis bioresearch
63Cellectis bioresearch: Experts in genome engineering
Dr Sebastian Mayer
64Opportunity for Collaboration: AlbudAbTM Half-Life Extension Platform
Barry McGuinness
TPP Global Development
65dentification of potent, novel inhibitors of the glucose transporter GLUT1 as cancer cell-killing agents
Claire McWhirter
66High Throughput Enzymology Studies to Determine Inhibitors with Differing Mechanisms
Mr Ryan Mordue
MRC Technology
67Pharmacological approaches to validate the role of ULK1 in autophagy and cancer
Dr Patrick Mumm
NANION Technologies
68High throughput rules: patch clamping 384 cells at once & non-invasive HT electrophysiology
Frances Neal
69Screening for a diverse panel of PlGF antibodies derived from in vitro and in vivo platforms
Mr Tim Noble
Aptamer Group
70Semi-automated aptamer selection for biomarker discovery
Dr Astrid Noerenberg
71Characterization of NK cells expanded in vericyte® medium
Miss Jennifer Norcliffe
University of Durham
72Inhibitors of Kinetoplastid Sphingolipid Synthases as Potential Therapeutic Agents
Michael O'Hagan
University of Oxford
74The ChemBio Hub project at Oxford: supporting world-class chemical biology research
Prof Toshihiro Ona
Kyushu University
75New in vivo-like chemosensitivity test for physiological concentration of anti-cancer drug: Rapid and reliable prediction within 1 h
Mr George Pandarakalam
Dr Christian Parker
77Jenkins-CI & Cell Profiler: User Experience
Tristan Pritchard-Meaker
Axiogenesis AG
78Assessing Cardiac Liability in the RTCA Cardio: Comparison of Human and Mouse Stemcell-Derived Cardiomyocytes
Miss Sophie Quick
79Side by Side: an evaluation of 2D vs. 3D Cell Culture plates for High Throughput Single Shot Screening
Terry Riss
Promega Corporation
81Validation of In Vitro Assays to Measure Cytotoxicity in 3D Cell Cultures
Ms Silvia Rodriguez
University of Leeds, School of Chemistry
82Inhibition of ER/CoA interaction using proteomimetics
Mr Richard Rowling
Reinnervate Ltd
83Target based drug activity and post translational and transcriptional analysis using ex-vivo Alvetex Scaffold 96 and 384 well 3D cell culture plates
Dr Emilio Segovia
Universidad de Guadalajara
84A new pharmaceutical nanoencapsulated formulation for a drug against VIH for mucosal administration
Mrs Junko Shibata
OK Lab. Inc., Cell BET Div.
85Development of in vivo-like cell-based screening system for rapid and quantitative toxicity and efficacy predictions against epidermis activation
Nathan Zahler, Ph.D.
XRpro Sciences, Inc.
86Label-Free HTS of Transporters and Ion Channels
Dr Qi Yan
Sharp Edge Labs
87New Tools for Protein Trafficking
Markos Trikeriotis
Nanotether Discovery Science
88Doing More With Less: Breaking the Drug Discovery Bottleneck
Dr Steven van Helden
Pivot Park Screening Centre
89High Throughput Screening in the European Lead Factory
Dr Steven van Helden
Pivot Park Screening Centre
90The European Lead Factory: Game Changing for Innovative Medicine
Ms Kerstin von Kolontaj
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH
91Flow Cytometry FRET for the automatic and fast detection of protein-protein interactions
Dr Gillian Wallace
Life Technologies Thermo Fisher
92Antibody-based tools and protocols for improving stem cell characterization workflows
Dr Gillian Wallace
Life Technologies Thermo Fisher
93CytoTune®-iPS 2.0 Sendai Reprogramming Kit for high efficiency reprogramming of fibroblasts and blood-derived cells
Nicol Watson
Thermo Fisher Scientific
94Lipofectamine® 3000: A new transfection reagent for iPSC generation and stem cell genomic engineering
Nicol Watson
Thermo Fisher Scientific
95Improved Cryopreservation and Recovery Solutions for Pluripotent Stem Cells & Difficult-to-Preserve Primary Cells
Nicol Watson
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dr Jayne Wright
97Biomarkers of efficacy and safety
Miss Chrysi Xintaropoulou
University of Edinburgh
98Glycolysis as a promising target for Breast & Ovarian cancer treatment
Mrs Nicola Bevan
Essen BioScience
99Kinetic Live Cell Imaging Enables Direct, Long-Term Measurement of T Cell Mediated Tumour Cell Killing
Mr Francois Monjaret
100More physiologically relevant cellular models compatible with High Content Analysis
Mr Francois Monjaret
101Convenient and reliable HCS screening with distinct 3D tumor spheroids
Mr Francois Monjaret
102Higher sentivity of myotoxicity detection using a more mature myotube cellular model
Dr Helena Mancebo
Multispan, Inc.
103Developing Functional Monoclonal Antibodies for beta3 Adrenergic Receptor
Mr Jason Weiss
University of Edinburgh
Dr Ann Lu
IntelliCyt Corporation
108High Content in Suspension: No-Wash Multiplexed Cytokine Profiling of Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PBMCs)
Dr Roderick Benson
Imagen Biotech
113The Personalization of Chemotherapy Using Phenotypic High Content Screening
Heather Martin
University of Leeds
114A high-content approach to the identification of novel pro-survival protein kinases in urothelial carcinoma.
Gregory Thatcher
University of Illinois College of Pharmacy
115UICentre (drug discovery @ UIC): Academic Collaborative Engagement in Chicago
Michael Silver
MRC Technology
116Evaluating monoclonal antibodies to CRLF2 for use as antibody drug conjugates
Dr Emma Shanks
CRUK Beatson Institute
117Targeting lipid metabolism in oral cancer.
Mr Douglas Kelly
Imperial College London
118An automated fluorescence lifetime imaging multiwell plate reader: application to high content imaging of protein interactions and label free readouts of cellular metabolism
Dr Huw Ricketts
NanoString Technologies Europe Ltd
119Analytical Reproducibility of the Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtyping Test and nCounter Analysis System Using Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Breast Tumor Specimens
Ms Sofie Pattyn
120Early Immunogenicity Risk Mitigation
Dr Huw Ricketts
NanoString Technologies Europe Ltd
121Analytical Reproducibility of the Breast Cancer Intrinsic Subtyping Test and nCounter Analysis System Using Formalin-Fixed Paraffin-Embedded (FFPE) Breast Tumor Specimens
Mrs Ellen Simkiss
122Harmonising global processes for the prediction, identification and handling of precipitates.
Xiubo Zhao
University of sheffield
123Biocompatible Polymer as Gene Delivery Vehicle
Xiubo Zhao
University of sheffield
124Label-free Detection of Human Prostate-Specific Antigen (hPSA) Using Film Bulk Acoustic Resonators (FBARs)
Dr Catherine Moody
University of Bradford
125A Molecular Profile of Tumours Responsive to New Imidazotetrazine (Temozolomide Analogue) Prodrugs
Dr Michael Morton
126Transient expression of the NMDA receptor in HEK cells co-expressing the glutamate transporter for the screening of potential positive allosteric modulators of NR2B.
Mr Ian Gowers
Charles River
127Optimizing a HTS Compatible Assay to Detect and Characterize Small Molecule Modulators of Huntingtin Protein Levels in HD Patient Derived Cell Lines
Miss Jessica Taylor
128Application of a High Throughput RNAi Screening Approach to Target Deconvolution
Prof Alan Morgan
University of Liverpool
129C. elegans dnj-14: a new platform for neuroprotective drug discovery.
Dr Nick Lynch
Pistoia Alliance
130Externalisation and Collaboration
Dr Graham Cotton
Almac Group
131The FLEXYTE™ Protein-Protein Interaction Assay Platform - Novel Solutions for Screening Epi-reader Protein Interactions Using Fluorescence Lifetime Technology
Dr Josef Unger
siTools Biotech GmbH
133siPOOLsTM: highly complex but accurately defined siRNA pools eliminate off-target effects
Andrew Gill
134384-well to 1536 proof of concept assay transfer using BIOMOL®Green
Mr Nathaniel Holman
135An evaluation of alternate cell based assays for the optimisation of AstraZeneca’s mitochondrial toxicity screening cascade
Mike Davenport-Cooper
136Meeting the Challenges of Physiologically Relevant Cell Model Systems – The Opera Phenix High Content Screening System
William Hadlington-Booth
137A comprehensive 3D triple co-culture model for evaluating breast cancer progression
Mebs Surve
Swift Analytical
138Rapid Quantification of Proteins in Complex Matrices using the DeNovix DS11 microvolume Spectrophotometer
Dr Nicolas Andre
Corning Life Sciences
139Corning® Spheroid Microplates and Promega’s CellTiter-Glo® 3D Cell Viability Assay provide a novel approach for high-throughput screening of multicellular spheroids.
Mr Richard Rowling
Reinnervate Ltd
140Human iPSC-derived hepatocytes (ReproHepatoTM) - A useful too for drug toxicity testing
Dr Murali Annamalai
Max planck Institute for molecular physiology
141Branching Cascades Deliver Diverse Aminoxazoline Compound Libraries
Dr Antonella Ragnini-Wilson
University of Rome Tor Vergata
142Development of a cell-based assay for HTM-HCS drug screening to select compounds acting in CNS myelination
Dr Gomathi Sankar Muthukumar
Max Planck Institut of molecular Physiology
143Synthesis of natural product inspired compound library of tetrahydroindolo[2,3-a]quinolizines
Daniel Martinez Molina
Karolinska Institutet
144High throughput adaptation of the cellular thermal shift assay (CETSA) using AlphaScreen® technology to monitor target engagement in cells
Mr Jon Orme
145Curiox Droparray technology maximises use of valuable cells
Mr Jon Orme
146A Human iPS Cell-derived Cardiomyocyte Calcium Flux Screen for Arrhythmia Risk Identification
Mr Jon Orme
147Non-Imaging Pre-Read Enables HTS-Scale Automated High Content Imaging
Mr Andrew Green
148Novel Trafficking Assays for Pharmacochaperone Discovery Using Enzyme Fragment Complementation
Mr Ian Willox
149Dual kinase/bromodomain inhibitors for rationally designed polypharmacology
Dr Andrew Baxter
150Phenotypic Screening of Compounds and Drug Combinations in BioMAP® Oncology Systems Reveals Divergent Effects on Clinically-relevant Biomarkers
Dr Matthew Burnham
151Assaying the native function of non-electrogenic transporters: an automated electrophysiology proof-of-concept study
Mark Timms
152The Impact of some typical assay conditions on compound assay suitability
Dr Johan Meuller
153A phenotypic screening approach to generate novel target ideas for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.
Mr Rob Bedford
BioScreening Technology Group
154The use of an artificial binding protein to inhibit protein function: novel drug target validation tools
Dr Rob Towart
Audacter Consulting
155Pluricytes®… stem-cell derived cardiomyocytes with improved maturity: the benefits of a fully-defined culture medium
Dan Addison
156Improving Quality in Primary Screening data Through the Application of On-board Controls in High Throughput Biological Screening
Dr Hilary Little
Audacter Consulting
157A Functional Phenotypic Screen for Synapse Formation in Human iPSC-derived Neurons
Mrs Helena Almqvist
Karolinska institute
158Screening for novel inhibitors of thymidylate synthase (TS) using CETSA – a high throughput target engagement assay
Sunil Sarda
159Stability of DMSO-solubilised compounds: The effects of temperature and humidity
Sunil Sarda
160Mysterious Degradative Mechanisms in DMSO: Pyrimidine-2,4-dione
Sunil Sarda
161Unexpected Stability Trends - Oxidative Dechlorination
Sunil Sarda
162Assay Plate Controls: A point of reference or a source of failure?
David Dalrymple
SB Drug Discovery
163Development and electrophysiological assessment of pain-related ion channel stable cell lines expressing voltage-gated sodium, potassium and TRPs channels
Claire Cox
Axol Bioscience Ltd.
164Characterisation & Potential Applications of Human iPS Cell Derived Neural Progenitor Cells
Dr Grant Cameron
TAP Biosystems - part of Sartorius Stedim Biotech
165Validation of a Novel Cell Culture System to Perform 3D in vitro Cytotoxicity Analyses using Primary Hepatocytes
Vendela Parrow
Dep of Medical Sciences
166SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform
John Lesnick
Labcyte Inc.
167High Throughput Multiplexed Apoptosis Assays Using the Labcyte Echo® Liquid Handler and the IntelliCyt iQue® Screener HD
Bonnie Edwards
Labcyte, Inc.
168Miniaturization of an Epigenetic AlphaLISA® Assay with the Labcyte Echo® Liquid Handler and the BMG Labtech PHERAstar™ FS Plate Reader
Mike Jowett
Cambridge Bioscience Limited
169Monosaccharide profiling by intact mass analysis - method qualification of a new approach for the characterization of highly glycosylated biopharmaceuticals
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