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Alzheimer’s Research UK


Disruptive technologies

Whilst the drug discovery world has always been at the forefront of emerging technology, the next decade is set to be the backdrop for a convergence of enabling technologies that together will accelerate R&D into exciting new areas. Our ability to measure smaller and smaller structures whilst retaining spatial relationships and dynamics, coupled with the computing power to analyse the resulting datasets means we can directly observe relevant biological processes rather than abstracting away from them. Huge leaps in computing power and machine learning and rapidly advancing graph techniques mean that in-silico discovery approaches can work hand in hand with experimental techniques to explore and manipulate molecular space at enormous scale, and the emerging prospect of true quantum computing raises the prospect of moving beyond simulations and abstractions of molecular interactions. This track will highlight many of the key trends in this space.

Innovations in Chemistry to Discover New Medicines: Approaches to Drugging RNA

Innovative Strategies Supporting Drug Discovery

Global healthcare challenges experienced over the last 18 months have accelerated the rate of change within an already innovation-led industry. Academic and pharmaceutical healthcare R&D has needed to adapt to understanding, diagnosing and treating new areas of disease, as well as embracing ways of working with more collaborative agility and flexibility. This session aims to spotlight how the ways we conduct research have changed, illustrate potential lasting shifts in practise and disease area focus, and consider where research on drug and vaccine research may be headed. Topics will include: How we pursue drug discovery through novel partnership models; How progress through discovery and development pipelines may become more agile and rapid; How we can consider diversity in health research and clinical trials.

New Approaches in Infection Biology

Screening Innovation to Enhance Drug Discovery

The British Pharmacological Society

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