Programme : Presentations by Time

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sun26  Mar03:00pm(90 mins)
Getinge Group Room:
Intercollegiate Board Exam Update
Sun26  Mar05:35pm(5 mins)
Mr Robert Slight  
Session : Trainees Meeting
Room: Studio
Trainee open discussion
Sun26  Mar05:40pm(45 mins)
Mr Jonathan Hyde  
Session : Trainees Meeting
Room: Studio

Monday, 27 March 2017

Mon27  Mar08:30am(180 mins)
Reserved - Edwards Room:
AVIATOR Discussion
Mon27  Mar09:10am(10 mins)
Dr Michael Borger  
AVIATOR Discussion
Mon27  Mar09:20am(10 mins)
Prof Aung Oo  
AVIATOR discussion
Mon27  Mar09:40am(15 mins)
Dr Mohamad Bashir  
Mon27  Mar10:00am(30 mins)
CardioSolutions Group Room:
Boardroom 2
Mon27  Mar11:30am(180 mins)
Reserved - Edwards Room:
Mon27  Mar11:50am(10 mins)
Dr Andrew Cook Dr Andrew Cook  
Room: Auditorium
Heart Valve Voice
Mon27  Mar02:05pm(20 mins)
Mr Wil Woan Mr Wil Woan  
Room: Hall 2B
Mon27  Mar02:30pm(150 mins)
Reserved - Edwards Room:
Mon27  Mar03:00pm(30 mins)
Reserved - Edwards Room:
Boardroom 1
Consent guidance
Mon27  Mar04:10pm(20 mins)
Ms Mary Agnew  
Has practice changed post TITRE?
Mon27  Mar04:45pm(15 mins)
Prof Gavin Murphy  
Session : Blood

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tue28  Mar08:30am(90 mins)
How to write a surgical paper - Session I Room:
Boardroom 1
Update from the MAVRIC Trial
Tue28  Mar09:30am(30 mins)
Mr Enoch Akowuah  
Session : Minimal Access
ECMO Plenary
Tue28  Mar09:40am(20 mins)
Mrs Jo-anne Fowles  
Room: Hall 2B
Tue28  Mar10:00am(30 mins)
Reserved - Edwards Room:
Tue28  Mar10:30am(90 mins)
How to write a surgical paper - Session II Room:
Boardroom 1
Innovate or Perish
Tue28  Mar11:30am(15 mins)
Mr Eric Lim Mr Eric Lim  
Session : Lung Cancer
Surgery for stage IIIa lung cancer
Tue28  Mar11:45am(15 mins)
Dr Isabelle Opitz Dr Isabelle Opitz  
Session : Lung Cancer
Tue28  Mar01:00pm(90 mins)
How to write a surgical paper - Session III Room:
Boardroom 1
Looking Ahead
Tue28  Mar01:26pm(10 mins)
Mr Graham Cooper Mr Graham Cooper  
Room: Auditorium
SCTS accounts
Tue28  Mar01:36pm(5 mins)
Mr Kulvinder Lall  
Room: Auditorium
Approve new members
Tue28  Mar02:15pm(5 mins)
Mr Simon Kendall Mr Simon Kendall  
Room: Auditorium

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