The outsourcing of all or specific activities associated with the drug discovery process is now commonplace within the industry, irrespective of the size of the organisation, sector or geography. This expansion in demand for externalisation of services has been met with an increasing number of providers ranging from large “one-stop shop” providers through to specialist, or niche, providers focussing on specific activities. In fact, many providers have a huge breadth and depth of experience within their employees and have contributed to the discovery and development of many successful drug candidates. This diversity of providers, complicated further by geography, can often make it hard to select the outsourcing provider and especially so for those unfamiliar with the process.

The aim of this networking event is for external providers and some customer companies to share their insights on the considerations when selecting your collaborator for a particular project and how to navigate your way through the outsourcing process to give your project the best chance of success.

The service providers presenting at this event will not be giving a sales pitch. They will be sharing insights and experiences on factors that contribute to a successful collaboration and how to avoid some pitfalls along the way.

Venue: The Nucleus Chesterford Research Park
Location: Little Chesterford, Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom

Organiser Contact Details:

T: 07484 113971


The Nucleus Chesterford Research Park
Little Chesterford, Cambridge
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