Cancer, Immunity & Inflammation


Following the success of the last edition, on behalf of the CDD Press, the Medical Research Council Toxicology Unit we are proud to announce the CDD Conference 2019 on “Cancer, Immunity & Inflammation” which will be held between the 9th and the 11th of September 2019, in Clare College, Cambridge, UK.

The Organisers
Gerry Melino & Ivano Amelio

Confirmed Speakers
Vishva Dixit (San Francisco)
Michael Karin (San Diego)
Tak Mak (Toronto)
Pascal Meier (London)
Andrew Oberst (Seattle)
Klaus Okkenhaug (Cambridge)
Carol Prives (New York)
Yufang Shi (Shanghai)
Ken Smith (Cambridge)
Hans-Uwe Simon (Bern)
Martin Turner (Cambridge)
Peter Vandenabeele (Ghent)
Sally Ward (Southampton)
Xiadong Wang (Beijing)
Ying Wang (Shanghai)
Greg Winter (Cambridge)

Organising Committee
Ivano Amelio (Cambridge)
Gerry Melino (Cambridge)
Anne E. Willis (Cambridge)

CDD MRC-TU Conference Secretariat
Emanuele Panatta & Consuelo Pitolli

Venue: Clare College
Location: Cambridge
Country: United Kingdom

Organiser Contact Details:
Gerry Melino & Ivano Amelio

Cancer, Immunity & Inflammation
Clare College
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