Imagine the possibility of creating individualized, complex collections of cells that bear a resemblance to a patient’s own tissues. That technology—the ability to grow ‘organoids’—is becoming a reality and is finding new uses every day. Such cultures can be crafted to replicate much of the complexity of an organ, or to express selected aspects of it like producing only certain types of cells.

This way of culturing tissues will give scientists a detailed view of how organs form and grow, providing them with new insights on human development and disease as well as giving them the opportunity to see how drugs interact with these “mini-organs”, potentially revolutionizing the field of drug discovery and opening new approaches to personalized medicine.

This event will explore recent developments in the design of biological 3D structures enabling cells to form or replicate tissues (and cell culture models) creating the possibilities of validating models of disease to support and drive translational research into Drug Discovery and Drug Development.

Venue: BioCity, Scotland
Location: Bo'Ness Road, Newhouse, Chapelhall, Motherwell
Country: United Kingdom

Organiser Contact Details:

T: 07484 113971

BioCity, Scotland
Bo'Ness Road, Newhouse, Chapelhall, Motherwell Hotels nearby

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