Wednesday, 29 March 2023 to Thursday, 30 March 2023

Proteins & Structures: High-quality recombinant proteins and structural biology services.


A Małysiak1; D Jones1; A Suchy1; K Winn1
1 Selvita Ltd, UK


Selvita is an integrated drug discovery-focused preclinical contract research organisation with headquarters in Krakow, Poland. Over 50 scientists work in the protein production facility to design, produce and purify proteins using one or more distinct processes; either in bacteria, insect or mammalian cells depending on customers’ requirements. Once produced the proteins are used for a number of downstream processes such as assay development, fragment-based drug design and biophysical characterisation of protein and/or low molecular weight ligand binding. Selvita’s offering extends to protein crystallisation and structure determination. Either stand-alone protein production projects or those that are fully integrated into long-term R&D programmes are in safe hands at Selvita. In summary, Selvita’s protein-based expertise covers the full spectrum of activities within our maxim “from gene to structure via Selvita”. 

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