Wednesday, 29 March 2023 to Thursday, 30 March 2023

Integrated Live Cell Shipment Solution Avoids Cryopreservation for Cell-Based Products


S Myrbäck1GB Deblandre, Gisèle1; CS Swart, Corné1; RS Sieg, Robin1; HM Müller-Hartmann, Herbert1
1 Cellbox Solutions GmbH, Germany


The ever-evolving landscape of cell-based therapies and regenerative medicine is driving the development of innovative and structurally complex biological living therapies. Cells and other biological materials traditionally are transported at low to cryogenic temperatures.Although storage and transport of frozen products can offer logistical independence and facilitate their release, not all of these biological materials can be transported frozen without impairment of cell functionality, (partial) loss of cells or specimen destruction. Many organ-like structures, engineered tissues and even cell therapeutics do not survive freezing. At the moment, there is no solution on the market that can meet the logistic challenge of these “cryo-sensitive” cell-based therapies.

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