Spectrum Compact CE System –A Personal, Benchtop Capillary Electrophoresis Device


G Saldanha1
1 Promega Corporation, United States


The Spectrum Compact CE System allows laboratories of all sizes the freedom to carry out fragment analysis applications such as single nucleotide polymorphism, PCR sizing and microsatellite analysis, and Sanger sequencing applications like de novo sequencing, NGS confirmation, and mutation detection. This four-capillary benchtop capillary electrophoresis instrument allows running up to 32 samples and features single base resolution and 6-dye detection along with an integrated touch-screen for instrument operation. Pre-filled reagent cartridges, including a choice of separation polymers optimized for specific applications, streamline instrument setup.
For Sanger sequencing applications, Promega has developed the prototype ProDye™ Terminator Sequencing System. This dideoxynucleotide dye-terminator based sequencing using proprietary polymerase can generate readable sequences from a variety of templates. In combination with the Spectrum Compact CE System, read lengths of ≥ 600 bases can be obtained with run times of ~30 minutes and ≥ 800 bases with a run time of ~60minutes

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