Domainex: Integrated drug discovery


Domainex: Integrated drug discovery


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1 Domainex Ltd, UK


Domainex’s approach to virtual screening, hit finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimisation have enabled the successful delivery of multiple pre-clinical candidates. With our propriety technologies and in-house capabilities, the poster will describe their application with some exemplar case studies, demonstrating innovative outcomes within drug discovery projects: 

Biophysical Screening Techniques, our cutting-edge suite of tools includes MST (Microscale Thermophoresis), TRIC (Temperature Related Intensity Change), GCI (Gated Coupled Interferometry) and Thermal Shift Assays (nanoDSF & DSF) to study binding interactions.

LeadBuilderand FragmentBuilder are unique approaches to efficient hit finding using virtual or fragment screening techniques. These allow us to quickly uncover attractive chemical starting points for your drug discovery programs. 

 - Combinatorial Domain Hunting is a patented, high throughput gene fragmentation and protein domain expression approach to unlocking soluble targets for X-Ray Crystallography

 - Medicinal Chemistry services employing a multi-parameter optimisation approach to efficiently progress your chemical series from hit through to pre-clinical candidate. Adopting a highly collaborative approach with our partners, and through careful compound design, we strive to progress your programs both efficiently and intellectually to fulfil your project requirements.

Domainex has recently celebrated its 20th Anniversary and is Europe’s fastest growing drug discovery service company. Based between Cambridge and London, we were recently named in the FT 1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2018 across the whole of Europe.

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