X-Shining(TM) Luciferase Product Range


J Ihssen1; G Faccio1; A Hery-Barranco1; A Cossins1
1 Biosynth Carbosynth, UK


Biosynth Carbosynth's X-ShiningTM Luciferase has been optimised by genetic engineering for strongly increased thermostability and storage stability. It is perfectly suitable for any luciferin-luciferase-based assay using D-luciferin or synthetic pro-luciferins or 'caged luciferins'.

The X-ShiningTM all-in-one ATP assay combines Biosynth Carbosynth's outstanding, robust X-ShiningTM Luciferase with everything needed for the specific bioluminescent detection of ATP levels in a single vial. The measurement of ATP levels is crucial to study growth of cell cultures, cell viability, to assess water quality, to test for biological contamination and to assess antibiotic efficacy and resistance in populations.

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