Introducing Cytek cFluorTM Reagents and Assays

Tue19  Oct04:25pm(5 mins)
Room 3B
Cytek Bio
Cytek Bio
 Michelle Jackson


Conventional flow cytometers have difficulty distinguishing fluorochromes with highly overlapping peak emissions, severely limiting fluorochrome choice and multiplexing capability. Using full spectrum flow cytometry, our systems detect the entire fluorochrome emission, allowing researchers to run panels of up to 40 colors and beyond without sacrificing data resolution. Cytek’s experience in designing highly multiparametric panels has led to a deeper understanding of how fluorochromes react together in increasingly complex fluorescent experiments. Using this expertise, Cytek developed and launched the new cFluor reagents, optimized for use in full spectrum panels. By making bigger panels possible, spectral flow cytometry provides researchers more information from one tube and reduces the amount of tubes needed in an assay. This saves precious sample and reagent, reduces sample preparation and acquisition time, and reduces operating costs, allowing labs to run more efficiently.

To discuss how Cytek can help you gain deeper scientific insights through bespoke panel development and smarter fluorochrome choices please contact me directly via email at
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